Essay Example on Telehealth: Convenient Access to Healthcare Services Anytime, Anywhere

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Date:  2023-10-25


Telehealth is the use of information and communication technology facilities to deliver health care services that can support administrative activities, health education, and patient care (Dorsey & Topol, 2016). It is one of the modern ways of improving access to healthcare and reducing transportation coast, therefore, increasing convenience among patients in remote areas and those that experience mobility challenges. This infographic communicates about the use of telehealth in improving healthcare.

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Using telehealth to promote health and prevent illness.

Telehealth can help people in the community to have convenient access to healthcare services remotely. (Lindsay et al. 2015) It allows patients to seek medical attention closer to their homes without traveling.


Telehealth services are available for all members of the public at any time. Patients can receive healthcare services at home; patients undergoing treatments can interact with their doctors at any time to monitor health condition s.


There are many challenges in the community level that influence healthcare negatively; these include:

  • Cost of traveling
  • Inconvenience aim of accessing healthcare services
  • Inadequate access to quality health services in rural Ares

These and many other reasons, therefore, has called for the need to use telehealth to improve health and prevent illness.


Members of the public can access telehealth services through telehealth applications. Many applications have been developed to help facilitate health education services, and other healthcare services (Mehrotra et al. 2016). Users must have devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers to service this information.


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