Essay Example on Technology in Education: Benefits & Challenges

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Date:  2023-06-06

In recent times technology has been so much involved in the education system. It brought some significant changes in the whole process. Despite the fact that this use of technology has some negative implications in the system. Some of the students may not be able to access these devices due to financial challenges, and this does not place the students on level ground. As a result, learners do not compete fairly, while others find it totally difficult to get a single lesson. The technology also increases the budget allocated to educating in any given state (Roff, 213). During purchasing the devices, some additional expenses are also incurred in the development of e-books, and this means an increase in cost.

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A study indicates that face to face situation is the best to establish a good teacher-learner relationship (Roff, 213). In the online line, this relationship is not evident; hence there is some misunderstanding in driving some ideas, which leads to ineffective learning. Additionally, the students may waste a lot of time while learning, and this can be fueled by the fact that there are several distractions during leaning. One factor that may lead to time-wasting is that the student may tend to access other internet platforms that are not education-oriented instead of fully concentrating on the main objective (Roff, 214). Hence it will lead to poor learning that, in turn, results in poor performance.

The use of autonomous robotic weapons is becoming so familiar in today's world, from the science fiction movie to the battlefields. They are bringing some military advantage in may force from different states. In the military, this development acts as a force multiplier because only a few fighters are employed to the battlefield in case robots or drones are in use. Additionally, robot tends to save lives in a scenario where a mission goes wrong; no bodies are returned home. Autonomous weapons are also considered to be more efficient in that they perform the exact order that they are given. On the other hand, the robots and drones possess some challenges to the military and the world at large. In case of any misuse of the weapons, it may lead to the loss of lives of several innocent people. Also, the employment of the machines will primarily mean that they will replace some workers causing unemployment.

Genetic engineering may be applied in several fields, including medicine. It applies in medicine in that may scenarios. For example, it can be used in the manufacturing of drugs to cure given infections. Furthermore, it helps in several therapy procedures. On the other hand, it can be used in the enhancement of human genes; this includes things such as nutrition, where it can generate new nutrients specific for given persons (Spitzer, 81). In enhancement, there is an increase in food supply and the creation of food that is tastier. It has been employed in increasing the growth of some plants and animals.


Social forces may be the primary factor in the use and development of technology in the globe. Social forces are contributing largely to the invention and use of technology. For example, in the field of education, society is giving it everything to ensure it becomes familiar to each student and readily available for effective learning (Spitzer, 81). As can be seen in the effort of developing e-books just to make education to be technology-oriented. Additionally, scientists are trying to develop a robot to have moral reasoning and be able to communicate with real human beings.

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