Essay Example on Stop Smoking & Radon Pollution: Reduce Health Hazards

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Date:  2023-05-29

Smoke pollution That smoking tobacco, the smoke from burning of charcoal, while cooking The smoke caused respiratory health problems like asthma Smoking has to be reducing moreover totally avoiding it

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Radon pollution From natural radioactive gasses released from a composition of uranium rocks cracks in the walls They case the effect on the health of humans when they raise diffuse to the body. when the level of exposure has risen it cause the hazards problem Engage professionals in random-resistance construction basic techniques. Practice the up to standards radon practice. chose the material that does not allow radon radiation in building and construction

Mold pollution Growth of molds in building, the destruction of structure its content causing mold pollution. Wet and not ventilated indoor trigger the reproduction of mold It gives problem to respiratory disease rise, ca result in death when it is expos in excess. Lungs are promoting disease. Ensure clean and dehydrated storage of indoor material-proper ventilation in the indoor mechanism of dry and fresh air supply. The indoor water leakage to be corrected.

Asbestos releasing pollution Fiber occurring from the rock and soil because of the fiber strength and heat. From hating resistant fabrics, gaskets, coating, and friction products The rise of the concentration of airborne asbestos occurs. The disturbed cutting and sailing and remodeling. Increases level of best ore hence endangering life Using professional trained who know how to handle asbestos and can avoid them. Ensuring there is regular cleaning of the sites.

Carbon monoxide gas pollutants The Gas releasing stove, the leaking at chimneys, and furnaces are carbon monoxide components.

Generators and others gasoline power generating, tobacco smoke, automobile exhaust from attached garages, worn and poorly adjusted and maintained combustion devices like furnace and boilers At low concentrations, carbon monoxide causes fatigue in the health of human beings. Chest pain with those with heart disease.

At the moderate level, the reduction of the causes in brain operation. They are impairing the vision and angina.

At higher concentration causes nausea confusion headaches, impaired vision, and body coordination Keep gas applicants in a proper and adjusted state. Use correct fuel in kerosene space heaters. Open flues when fireplaces are in use. choose appropriate size wood stoves that ascertain the not idle the car in the garage

Biological contamination from bacteria, viruses, cat saliva, house dust The molds, bacteria from people or domestic animals. Contaminated central air system Health effects trigged some are the hypersensitive pneumonitis. Allergic rhinitis, asthma, fever

The children and the elderly with those of respiratory problems to get sicker. General cleaning of the house regularly, maintenance of heating and conditioning equipment is necessary.

Ventilate the attic and crawl spaces to prevent moisture.

Clean and this infect the basement, drain the floor regularly

Lead's particular emission Old base paints, the improper removal of lead-based colors, opening flame burning. The lead-contaminated soil from outside carried by shoes. Also stained glass making Babies and young children exposed to lead are affected health-wise. Brain and nervures system affected To void paints, gasoline water pipes and other home necessities that are made of lead


There have been so many sources of pollution in the environment. Environmental pollution can be either outdoor pollution is indoor pollution. The indoor pollution is from some other the following opportunities. The bacteria are maturing in the indoor that is harmful. The combustion of product that releases carbon monoxide outside the indoors, excessive moisture in the room, volatile organic compounds that get to their maturity, and releasing outside of the doors. The tobacco smoking by individuals releasing smoke out, the radioactive gases that are naturally from the soil, and enters the house from the ground. Pesticides that are residue and concentrate on the floor. Harmful lead particles. These pollutants are from different sources and have got some effects that affect the regular operation of the environment. Moreover, there are several ways to reduce indoor pollution in society.


The following are some of the sources of indoor pollutants. The smokers of tobacco indoors tend to release the smoke to the environment; the smoke released has many combinations of harmful substances. The solvents in furniture particle board, floor, "off-gassing," household cleaners, and several degreasers and craft suppliers (Ali, et al). The molds pollution from refrigerators behind the walls, damaged basements. The radon is the odorless and colorless radioactive gas that comes from the natural composition of uranium in the rock crack from the wall (Kishi, et al). The carbon monoxide colorless odorless gas produce by appliances like heaters that burn natural gas or firewood and the significant components of car exhaust (Saijo).

The following are some of the prescribed note sources of indoor pollution. Asbestos pollution from fiber strength. The heat resistance from building materials. The friction of products like a transmission from parts of free moving materials (Maynard). The heat transmitters, coating, and grades too give pollution. The contaminating biological viruses from people bacteria from food dumb. Carbon monoxide from gas stove leaking from chimneys and furnaces, tobacco smokers' generators and other gasoline, wood stove fireplaces. Nitrogen dioxide from welding, kerosene heaters, and vented appliance with the defective installation. Radon is original from natural radioactivity gas (Saijo).

Notably, there are several effects of indoor pollutions. The results can either be long terms or short-term effects. The impact on human health like respiratory diseases and cancer. Throat and eye irritation and much consumption of carbon monoxide result in death (Saijo). The indoor pollution contributes to the deterioration of corrosion of the home furniture appliances and equipment. The general contamination of the gas that has to be the breathing gasses (Velichkova).

From studies, the following are the essential and effective way of reducing pollution. Avoid smoking indoors; moreover, quitting smoking is the best. Use craft supplies in well-ventilated houses to avoid contamination (Kishi, et al). Maintaining thorough cleaning in the indoor and proper disposal of waste to prevent bacteria and biological pollution. Making sure that the gas stove is well ventilated. Minimizing Cutter, removing carpeting when possible. Use a doormat where shoes are wiping to reduce caring pollutants in the house. Using exhaust fans to make the air circulation fresh (Velichkova). Having a Fido bath. Changing filters frequently. Using the microfiber dusting cloth that captures dust than a cotton rag. Do not cover up odors making everything clean and scent candles, incidents that trigger asthma (Ali, et al).


Although indoor pollution is ramping in society. Then, they have to abstain from keeping our environment healthy and from maintaining the health of or bodies. When the indoor pollutants have been identifying critically and tracking their causes keenly and sources of this pollution. Taking the notable effects, either long term or short term, that the contamination may cause. It is essential and to choose the initiative of personal, family and government to put in place measures to reduce the pollution to keep safe for the human health and environmental health

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