Paper on The Notebook: A Romantic Movie's Treatment of Dementia

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The Notebook is a romantic movie which starts from the end and replays the events of a love life that began between two youngsters, Allie and Noah. The movie’s narration comes from the person who lived his life but ended up with the ordeal of dealing with the wife’s dementia. Thus, Noah reads the story of their love life, hoping that the memories will reignite his wife’s mental capability to remember him. This essay evaluates some of the treatment plans used in managing patients with Alzheimer’s medical condition.

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Patient’s Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

The Notebook is a movie about Allie, who features as the main character with a medical condition probably thought to be Alzheimer’s. Allie’s medical condition manifests since she is unable to recognize her husband, children, and grandchildren (Netflix, 2020). Alzheimer’s is the most probable cause for Allie’s dementia. Which makes her exhibit signs of aggressiveness, mood changes, long and short-term forgetfulness, disorientation, and confusion.

Allie’s treatment plan suit her unique skills, lifestyle, educational background, goals, and cultural and socioeconomic status - since the caregiver ensures she lives in an environment synonymous with her home. In her prime age, Allie used to play piano and do some painting – therefore, this treatment plan seems to fit her perfectly since the care home has a place where she could play the piano (Netflix, 2020). Thus, Allie finds it easy to remember a few of her skills by playing piano in the care home. Additionally, the treatment plan manages to reduce her anxiety as well as slowing down of Allie’s mental deterioration. Furthermore, the care home allows Allie’s husband to read her a book to make her remember some things (Netflix, 2020). Reading fits her since she came from a wealthy family that allowed her to get educated. Additionally, visual observation of the care home is particularly customized to suit Allie’s wealthy socioeconomic background.

Techniques Used To Facilitate Effective Communication

The Notebook has many techniques that facilitate effective communication. One of the techniques that manifest throughout the movie is the use of non-verbal forms of communication. For instance, Noah uses storytelling to help Allie remember their past life as a show of love to her – instead of telling her straight away. During the narration, Allie responds to Noah by nodding her head and asking questions to reinforce an effective communication technique. Storytelling in itself is a form of communication technique that enhances concentration and, at times, reigniting lost memories. Also, the caregivers, Noah and his children, exercised a lot of patience to allow Allie to regain her consciousness. It could be tough for everyone to communicate with Allie had they chosen to tell her they knew since she was very nervous, unaware of herself, and confused. Also, the use of polite and cautious language facilitates effective communication between two people. For instance, the caregiver starts by saying, “excuse me” when asking Allie to go to bed.

Identify and Discussion Example of Therapeutic Relationships

The caregivers allowed Noah to use narrative therapy to find Allie when telling her about the story of two young lovers (Netflix, 2020). In a way, the story had a way of calming down Allie hence creating a situation of harmony. Harmony is one of the most effective therapeutic relationships for patients receiving a treatment plan under caregivers. Harmony facilitates the improvement of Allie’s life since it makes it easy for caregivers to create a calm environment for her free of accidents and injury. Furthermore, the caregivers had a trustful and respectable therapeutic relationship with their patient Allie. Respect manifests when the caregiver uses a polite and cautious language to ask Allie to go to bed (Netflix, 2020). Additionally, Noah’s doctor allows him to read her stories but cautioned against putting his hopes too high since getting Allie’s memory was not easy.

Were The Patient’s Strengths Incorporated in the Treatment Plan?

Allie Hamilton was particularly talented in painting, and she also plays the piano. Additionally, at an early age, Allie seemed social and an adventurous lady. The treatment plan for Allie incorporated only a small portion of her strengths in the treatment plan. For instance, there is a piano in the room where Allie is receiving treatment at the care home. One of the caregivers asks Allie to play the piano as she waits for Noah, who had gone to see the doctor (Netflix, 2020). The therapy resonates with Allie’s strength since that is what she used to do when she lived in her parents’ house. However, the treatment plan fails to incorporate painting as one of Allie’s therapeutic activities. Art ought to be the center of the treatment plan considering it is the only thing Allie loved doing in her free time. Additionally, the caregivers forgot to include dementia adventure sessions in their treatment plan, considering Allie was a very adventurous lady.

Did The Patient Participate In Developing The Plan?

In this case, the patient who is Allie Hamilton, did not participate in the development of the plan for her care since she has dementia. People with dementia find it hard to recognize people, the surrounding environment, and their prevailing health condition (Netflix, 2020). Therefore, it is the family’s responsibility to work with caregivers in developing an effective plan that will make the lives of their beloved ones comfortable.

Nursing Care Plan


Persistent confusion. The patient has an irreversible state of memory impairment. Other evidence includes the inability to recognize and interpret the prevailing environment (Netflix, 2020). The patient also exhibits a drastic change in her normal behavior, which extensively changes her personality.

Social isolation. The patient behaves as though threatened by the people in her environment. There is also evidence of irritability and displaying hostile behavior (Netflix, 2020). Also, the patient wants to maintain a state of loneliness since she is so withdrawn, uncommunicative, and isolated.

Disturbed Sensory Perception. The patient exhibits characteristics of trauma resulting from a mental state of disorientation. There is also evidence of the inability to recognize the environment and people (Netflix, 2020). The patient also exhibits evidence of the failure to use senses to infer correct observation about other people.

Signs of changed personality

The desired outcome is for the patient to have minimal cognitive impairment. Family to accept the situation of the patient and make a long-term adjustment to their lives.

Signs of uncommunicativeness

The nursing desired outcome is for the patient to maintain a healthy interaction with others. Family to adjust and assume roles that will aid in settling tension regarding the patient’s care.

Signs of Aging

One of the desired outcomes is to ensure that patient retains the sensory perception of the environment. Additionally, the family members ought to act accordingly within the precincts of the patient’s situation.

  • Identify family members that can assist with the care.
  • Immediately stop any conversion leading to an agitation (Vera, 2019).
  • Recommend activities that can help in -patient’s memory and moments that remind them of past events.
  • Identification of possible activities that excite the patient (Vera, 2019).
  • Promotion of activities that boosts the mood of the patient.
  • Identify family members that can help the patient to interact effectively (Vera, 2019).
  • Identification and assessment of the patient’s deteriorating mental state.
  • Assess the patients’ sensory functioning, such as hearing and sight (Vera, 2019).
  • Provision of a calm environment.


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