Essay Example on Snickers' You're Not You When Hungry IMC Campaign

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Date:  2022-12-29

The integrated marketing communications(IMC) as a practical communication framework ensures effective delivery of a single message, that is clear, consistent and also compelling to the buyers. Businesses use an array of promotion mix tools using the IMC with each tool playing a unique role in reaching the customer through the AIDA model(Awareness-interest-desire-action).

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An example of the IMC campaign that I identified is that of Snickers "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign which was launched in 2010 to grow the brand globally by the use of word-mouth advocacy.

The campaign used print ads in depicting the fact that when one is hungry, they are not themselves. In the US, there was the use of celebrities Game and Betty white, a US actress who together generated a 91-day media coverage (Taylor, 2018). through the use of the celebrity spokespersons, the advertisement created awareness to consumers.

The campaign also involved the appearance of celebrity on a TV talk show with the aim to promote public relations and generate interest from the target market. Celebrity White appeared in TV shows such as Oprah Winfrey and the ad was played in each appearance (Taylor, 2018).

There was also the use of email from the celebrity used to endorse the offering promotional price. This was direct marketing to initiate a desire to purchase the product (Taylor, 2018).

The point of sale demonstration by the celebrity endorser in promoting sales and remind the consumers of the benefits of the product and as well encourage them to make purchases is demonstrated in Puerto Rico where popular DJs played music that was out-of-character until an announcer revealed that the DJ was hungry and was in need of Snickers (Taylor, 2018).

The demonstration by the sales clerk which constitutes personal selling is achieved by the celebrity closing the sale gap and bringing the consumer to action. The TV ad involving Mr. Bean has well been used to demonstrate that when you're hungry, you're not yourself. Mr. Bean is presented with a Snickers and eats it since he is told that he has lost his focus.

There is also a Facebook page hosted by the celebrity and which utilize social media in promoting and reducing purchase dissonance. In the UK, there was the use of timely tweets such as in the case of Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear presenter which generated 5000 retweets.


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