Essay Example on Life Comes at You Fast: How Billboard Ads Catch My Attention

Paper Type:  Essay
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Date:  2023-02-23

On my way to work, there are many billboards, but very few of them always caught my attention. The few billboards stood out because they were both visually attractive and the written message on the billboards was bold. The first billboard was the one for Nationwide Insurance. The billboard has an image of paint decoration. I realized that this advertisement uses it to drive the slogan 'life comes at you fast'. It flows off the billboard, covering most parts of the billboard showing the need for color to attract one's eyes to the billboard and put emphasis on the message.

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Secondly, I noticed the advertisement billboard of Allstate Car Insurance where there is a car dangling from the side of The Marine Tower parking lot with the message 'are you in good hands?' Noticeably, the billboard advertisement I then realized that with an advertisement, there is the need to drive the point home as visually as possible as the car was definitely unsafe.

The third one has to be the one for Maker's Mark Whiskey where there is a bottle of the whiskey pouring out of the bottle off the billboard into a large lorry below, showing that you need a full lorry of the drink to get satisfied. This shows the need to be unique and creative; this is not only humorous but also creates an impression to prospective consumers to increase the impulse of consuming more than their expectations.

After considering the above scenarios, I then set out the next day with the intent to look and count the number of advertisement billboards there actually were. I counted them and realized that there were fifteen of them, all from different companies. I realized that the ones I could not remember were dull thus not visible and were not as eye-catching as the ones that caught my attention. These billboards lacked visual attraction and looked like they were just set up for people to know that the companies exist on the map rather than attract them towards the company.


The Vibe is a unique name for my social media networking site. The site can be distinguishable from the rest based on the approach and nature of features that will develop it. Below are ways in which I would make it stand out from the rest and become more attractive to the consumers.

A unique quality that will make the site stand out is setting the timeline of operation. In this case, site will probably operate under a restricted schedule, for instance, from 8 A.M to 4 P.M for six days a week. In the recent past, there has been a constant complaint that social media takes up too much time of the individuals; providing a schedule will regulate the time spent on the site. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder hence; I would make sure that the site is only open for a select amount of time. This would not only eliminate the excuse that it is taking too much of our time while also making people more eager to access it when it is open.

Secondly, there have been multiple complaints that there are numerous fake profiles on social media sites nowadays and it is from these accounts that instances of identity theft, blackmail, bullying, and harassment happen. The vibe would be the only social media site that would take customer integrity, security, and authentication seriously and work to set up efficient traps for phishing bots and hackers and make sure that everyone feels safe and secure, making it more attractive.

Finally, in my bid to make the site more popular, I would make sure to add mandatory fun challenges. Here, I would add these challenges to the site's homepage and reward the week or day's best with either a hamper or the recognition as the best. These challenges would range from art, food, travel, and other leisure activities where the best will be recognized and this would not only help them market their work, but also make the entire experience fun and productive.

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