Essay Example on Colour Matters: Powerful Tool in Brand Marketing

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Date:  2023-06-11


In brand marketing, the first impression on customers is achieved through the choice of color used in packaging the product or service notice (Garber & Hyatt, 2003). Colors can attract a customer to be interested in a brand, even before getting to know the details. In the same vein, the use of color can act as a deterrent to new customers, especially when the choice of color is done poorly (Bottomley & Doyle, 2006). Therefore, it is crucial to understand that one of the powerful tools in a designer's arsenal is the ability to identify relevant colors to use.

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Cool and Warm Colors

The section involves an analysis of two websites one with the cool color palette and the other with a warm color palette. Colors have meaning, hence the choice of color matters a lot. Cool colors such as green, blue, and violet are associated with a sense of calmness, welcoming, originality, nature, safety, and comforting (Sik-Lanyi, 2012). Their association with these feelings is often derived from the fact that green and blue are often used to illustrate nature, water, and sky. On the other hand, warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange convey a sense of alertness, danger, warmth, and power (Sik-Lanyi, 2012). The colors are regarded as warm since they are often used in illustrating sun and fire. Therefore, when selecting the color palette for website design, one should be cautious about the choice of color to avoid creating a conflict between design appearance and message content.

Cool Color Palette Website

The selected cool color palette website ( appears as shown in this screenshot. The predominant color in the website page is green. The designer's color choice is further justified by the sense that the word font and color selected are compatible with the theme. It is easy to identify the icons, the content, and the design is appealing to the user, with the color choice welcoming and comforting (Gorn et al, 2004). Also, the designer complied with the general rule of using one primary color (blue) with one or two secondary colors (green) (Sik-Lanyi, 2012). The use of a cool color palette is appropriate for the website, which is advertising for designer services.

Warm Color Palette Website

The Red Bowl Challenge Organization website ( was selected as one with a warm color palette. The dominant color is red, which varied in contrast. The choice of color also satisfied the general rule of using one primary color (red) and one or two complementary colors (brown and white) (Sik-Lanyi, 2012). The color palette is appropriate for the website to command attention since the site relies on philanthropy effort in funding its mission of feeding vulnerable children around the world (Bottomley & Doyle, 2006).


In conclusion, despite using different color palettes, the two websites have managed to appeal to their respective clientele. The color choice is proving to be an integral component of the website design by adding value to how the message is packaged.


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