Essay Example on Religious Texts: Uniting Societies Through Character & Spirituality

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Date:  2023-01-11

The religious texts are the central and sacred teaching, which are provided in the holy book used by different religions. The versions are vital since they foster the collective identity, convey the religious messages, create a close connection with the spiritual being, and ensure people they carry out different spiritual practices. Some of the religious texts are the cornerstone of character and spirituality among the societal people, are used in the religion and when instilling law to individuals. The sacred texts are viewed to be the unchanging Word of God while some versions are altered to give meaning and enhance understanding to the younger generations. The versions are used in law since they help in determining justice among those who are convicted of doing crimes. Since the religious texts help in criminal justice, this paper will focus on the impact of the sacred texts in law.

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Islamic and Confucian traditions possess a relationship with human rights and democracy. The positions which tend to be assumed by Islam and Confucianism are not ancient since they use the sacred texts in determining the human rights for people. Khilafa, which is referred to as representation, is based on sovereignty. The people who are located in the western world are sovereign, and among Islam, independence is from the supernatural being (God), and individuals from the Islamic society are His representatives. Also, the Analects which is justified by both the Chinese and the Muslim traditions is that whenever one needs to become respected by other, they have to respect those in power or the older people in their society. Approaching people with dignity makes them respect those in authority. The Confucian concept meant great unity, where the king represented the public power. The king was to affirm the actual order if it was to be made a legitimate political order due to the mandate he has received from heaven in leading the people.

The analects between the Muslima and the Chinese tend to be similar since they show respect to those in authority and the elderly since it is a command from God. For example, whenever the Chinese are approaching those in power, they tend to bow down, which is seen among the Islamic culture as they give thanks to their God. Those authorities tend to respect the people, thus making it become replicated back to them. The Chinese bow whenever they approach an elder adult since it is a sign of respect. The fathers among the Chinese and the Islamic are respectful the authority, and they tend to use the religious texts when calling for justice among them. The Chinese and the Islam act according when called upon by the authority which shows bravery. For example, the filial piety was conducted for both the Chinese and the Islamic community as they were carried out by the Daoist priests. Also, being kind to other people show respects, thus helping in ensuring that justice is portrayed to everyone in society.


The behavior which was portrayed the Muslim community when they were introduced into the Chinese society led various challenges in seeking justice. The three traditions which were introduced into the Chinese lands were Buddhism, Confucianism, and the Daoism3. The Daoism and the Confucianism affected the Chinese sacred life since during the earlier times the Confucianism had set grounds for the intellectual and doctrinal foundations. The Daoism took the responsibility of carrying out ceremonies and conducting rituals among Chinese society. Since these frameworks affected Chinese behavior, in Medieval China, the elite Confucians worked during the day while the Daoist carried out their activities at night. Therefore, this made every Chinese to become a Confucian both in their public lives and ethics.

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