Book Review Example: Skilled Exercises for Preachers

Paper Type:  Book review
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Date:  2021-07-17

What is the aim of the skilled exercise in this chapter?

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The aim is to acquire the skill at planning each sermon aspect technique with regards to the overcoming aim of the faith.

What is a word crafter?

A person (preacher) who carefully and surely illuminates his ideas with the appropriate words.

What are three reasons that naming the text idea is vital for sermon preparation?

To ensure that it is reflecting what the biblical writer is denoting.

To accurately define it in your mind.

In order for those particular words to be applied to the sermon idea

Define text idea?

It refers to the naming from themes in the text, the single idea in which the text meaning is unlocked.

What are the two basic components of an idea?

What is the difference between the subject and the modifier of the text idea?

Subject, is something or somebody being discussed

The modifier is a structure in a clause or phrase structure.

What are some of the guidelines you might follow in wording the text idea?

Take into account the theological themes that are in the text for insight into its central idea.

Observe the context of the passage will assist distinguishing the central idea of the writer.

Take a closer look at any expression of intention for the understanding of the key idea.

Interpret the figurative language found in the text for understanding into the authors theological subject.

Search for the clear and explicit meaning of the text to be the center of the text idea.

Search for the grammar phrase and rhetorical functions in the text to get the central themes.

How is the idea being a word crafter fit your concept of the teaching and preaching industry?

Skill 5 Pg 100

What is the connection that links the sermon to the text?

Sermon idea

What are the four sentences in the classic text to sermon method?

Text idea

Sermon idea



The importance of stating the text idea as a historical statement?

Tends to keep the truth about the text different from the hearers of the sermon.

What elements in the historical setting might be included in the text idea statement?

What are four kinds of purpose statement you might write in a sermon?

Volitional, attitudinal and cognitive

Skill 6 pg. 113

What is meant by division statements?

Are the sentences that explain the idea to be handled in a particular section

What skill is to be strengthened by the Writing Division exercise?

Wording sermon

What is the relationship between the sermon idea and the division statements?

They have similar concept of strengthening the sermon exercise

What is meant by a straight line of thought from the writers idea to the preachers sermon?

Explain the subject/modifier - predicates patterns.

The subject/modifier is the text idea develops into the subject/modifier of the sermon idea as the text shapes the sermon.

Identify four formats for writing division statements.





Distinguish between anthropocentric and theocentric division statements.

What are the sub-points to be avoided?

Sub point in support of the balanced development for every division

What qualities should the preacher use to test his division statements?


McDill, Wayne. The 12 Essential Skills for Great Preaching - Second Edition (Kindle Locations 1211-1216). B&H Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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