Essay example on Quoting vs. Paraphrasing: When to Use Each in an Essay

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Date:  2023-09-13

A quotation is making use of the sources to support and illustrate points and facts in an essay. Paraphrasing, on the other hand, preserves information from the source, but it does not preserve the exact wording; it also uses vocabulary and sentence structure different from the language in the original (Shi 134-148). One should only quote when the exact wording is necessary to make your point and also to capture information tone or emotions that would be lost if the source were reworded. It is only good to paraphrase when the information from the source can help you to explain a point you are making when writing an essay.

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The quotation should be lengthy, only when one what to capture the information tone or expression from the original work (Sun, 399-408). It is good to note that lengthy quotations can backfire for the writer because some keywords from the source may be hidden among less important words. One should never quote a paragraph when a sentence can do or a sentence when a phrase can do or a phrase when a word can do. The effectiveness of paraphrasing is to repurpose the information from the source so that the writer can rely on her own words. Paraphrasing becomes plagiarism when the writer uses the same wording or uses synonyms without rewriting the should use different vocabulary and sentence structures to avoid plagiarism.

Signal phrases are phrases that mention your sources to help the reader distinguish between the source and your idea. Quotation works with the grammar of a sentence when it does not stand alone but as an element inside the sentence and should be placed after a verb of expression. Sometimes quotation does not work with the grammar of a sentence when it is not quoted in a complete sentence because it can play different roles in a sentence like a verb adjective adverb or object (Shi 134-148). Quotation marks should be placed at the start, and the end directs quotations unless the quotation is long enough to justify the use of a block quotation format.

In the 21st century, the writer has illustrated all the problems faced by the modern American (all manner of ills, including the current pandemic, racial tensions, lack of access to universal healthcare, and the debate over a living wage. Gender inequality). One of the significant difficulties is gender equality, which has results in a dearth woman in top-performing leadership positions. The writer suggests that gender inequality is always slanted in favor of males, even when women outperform their male counterparts.

According to the national center for education statistics, there are "more than sixteen million individuals enrolled in colleges and universities through the United States, a fact that can be attributed in part to the push of high schools to prepare students for college and career." Of all the people enrolled in college and university, the higher percentage is females; this leads to a high rate of graduation in women compared to their male counterparts and earning more advanced degrees.

From the example given, the student's paragraph supports the thesis because she has quoted the main words and without distorting the message from the argument. The student has tried to keep the information without using the same wording from the thesis (Sun, 399-408).


In conclusion, after signal phrasing the first two paragraphs from "Inequality Between Men and Women in College" and rewriting some as paraphrase and text citation, the work was well understandable. It also makes the job easier for the reader to distinguish my idea from that of the source.

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