Essay Example on On-the-Job Training: Ensuring Relevancy in the Workforce

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Date:  2023-08-28

1.1 Introduction

On-the-job training refers to the process of offering additional skills through training the employees while they are working (Frazis & Speltzer, 2005). Many organisations across the world have taken measures to ensure that their workforce is trained to ensure that they retain relevancy (Frazis & Speltzer, 2005). The entities have noted that various developments like technological changes have been making many job activities to be irrelevant. Therefore, it is imperative for the employees to continue being informed of the changes and being competent with them so that they can be productive in the workplace. On the job training is the process of offering additional skills through training the employees while they are still working. A significant number of entities around the world are ensuring that their workforce is managing to remain relevant in the market.

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The changes that have been experienced in the technological levels have been making the job activities obsolete due to the latest technology that has become available. It has been discovered that the operations that the employees have been undertaking must be done in a way that allows the organisation to remain relevant in the market (Al-Mzary, Al-rifai, & Al-Momany, 2015). This means that such organisations must adopt the latest systems in order to compete favorably with the competitors in the market. Failure to adjust to the new environment may make the organisation to be left behind regarding the quality of the services offered, the reduction of products, which will make the organisation to be overtaken by the competitors thereby leading to the loss of the market share as well as annual revenue that it has been generating. Considering that the entities cannot be able to manage to allow the entire staff members to leave the employment and seek the additional training elsewhere, they are resulting in offering the training while they are still working.

This program is effective, considering that the employees manage to practice the theoretical part that they have learned immediately in their workplaces. The supervisors can manage to understand the skill levels of every worker and advise them accordingly. The hotel industry is service-oriented, and the clients are from diverse backgrounds. For a facility, the size of Suvarnabhumi Ville, there is a possibility that it will get customers from all over the world. There is a need that the management of the hotel to get to realise that the changing trends in this sector impact on the entity and ensure that the group of workers understand what they are required to do amid the changes and adjust accordingly. These adjustments are made when they are training on the job, ensuring that the business activities are not stopping, and the employees’ skills levels are improved. The on-job training process is one of the earliest ways of passing knowledge among the workforce in the United States, and it happens when the training professionals are passing information and knowledge to workers (Amos & Natamba, 2015). The program dates back to the moment in the past when not every worker was literate, and it was the most effective procedure to take for workers to be able to understand the requirements of the new job. The senior employees who understood the necessary skills needed for a given activity would pass the knowledge on a one on one basis at the workplace. Such a development was illustrated to have a crucial role in the growth of the entity. Therefore, this study seeks to establish how on job training impacts on employee performance in the hotel and hospitality industry, with a case of Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel, Samut Prakan Thailand.

Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel, Samut Prakan Thailand, is a smart option for the people who are seeking a modern comfort that is close to the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand. The hotel is located on Kingkaew Road, and the stylish hotel offers a private living environment while still very close to all the conveniences. From the arrival moment, guests at the hotel are impressed with the heartwarming hospitality that is offered by the employees at the hotel. Besides, it has been noted that Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel, Samut Prakan Thailand offers quick as well as easy access dining as well as shopping avenues while travelling to the airport takes a short duration drive. It is important to note that the organisation offers services to clients throughout the day on a 24-hour basis. The hotel has numerous types of rooms that suit various levels of budgets and needs. Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel, Samut Prakan Thailand, is a hotel that boasts of modern design and amenities that include large screen LED TV that has satellite channels, hairdryer, fridge, as well as the access to wifi. With proper security, the hotel has become one of the leading in the country. However, the increased competition in the hotel and hospitality industry has necessitated the hotel to investigate ways they can ensure that they are always a market leader in Thailand in offering state of the art services. Therefore, the investigation regarding the impact of on the job training on the performance of employees is an important consideration by Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel, Samut Prakan Thailand in order to improve the quality of their services.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The hospitality industry has been identified as one of the largest employers in the world that cover various segments as well as employment sectors. While the sector has been ever-growing, hospitality industry is identified to face a lot of unique workforce challenges. One of the major challenges in the hospitality industry is employee turnover. According to Erica (2020), the hotel and motel industry alone experience an employee turnover rate of about 73.8% which is exponentially higher than the annual average. Considering that this is a consumer-facing industry, having employees constantly coming and going can make it hard for the organization to meet the customer expectations. Also, hospitality industry tends to rely on part-time employees and seasonal workers, which makes it hard to find people who want to stick around for a longer time. One of the reasons for a higher turnover is unclear job expectations. When the job expectations are not clear or not properly communicated, workers can feel the need to find a more fulfilling job. In most cases, the expectations are not clear if the employees are not properly trained in the expectations. Employees in hotel industry has often shown a mismatch between the jobs and the employees. However, few organizations train their employees to develop required skills so that they can be successful on the job. To improve employee motivation, satisfaction, and reduce employee turnover, there is a need to evaluate whether training of the employees can play a role in creating a healthy environment.

1.3 Purpose and Significance

Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel, Samut Prakan Thailand, just like other organizations in the hospitality industry has been facing a challenge of employee turnover. This suggests that the employees in the organization are not satisfied suggesting an unhealthy organizational environment. As noted by Lunenburg and Irby (2008), the purpose a study is to solve the problem identified. In this regard, the purpose of this study is to oinvestugate the problem facing Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel, Samut Prakan Thailand, with the aim of finding a solution.

Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel, Samut Prakan Thailand seeks to discover a strategy that it can utilise to ensure that its workforce is getting additional skills while they are still working. The management of this facility wants to have a strategy that it can utilise in order to raise the skill levels. The firm has been seeking a less-expensive procedure that will take less time and still have the employees at the workplace when they are needed to serve various customers. Therefore, through this study, it is possible to understand the benefits of the job-training process and know its impact on the job performance of the employees. The main reason for having the on-job training is to raise the skill levels of the employees. Still, there is a likelihood that the staff members’ performance will either be adversely affected or positively impacted (Guni, 2015). Through this research process, these details will be understood. The purpose of undertaking this study was to determine the effect on the on-job training program on the performance of workers of Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel, Samut Prakan Thailand. By focusing on this case study, it is possible to understand the measures that the entity is undertaking to improve the quality of its employee’s performance and what other businesses in the world can learn and the policies that they can adopt for their businesses.

On the job training process is a useful tool that is used to impart organisational workers with skills as well as knowledge while they are working in their workstations (Guni, 2015). The process helps to raise the performance of the employees, considering that the highly qualified workers manage to increase productivity levels. Additionally, they produce high-quality commodities. The retention and the customer satisfaction rates are improved, and this means that the overall performance of the employees is made better by the on the job training process. The Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel, Samut Prakan Thailand, is one of the entities in the world that is training its workers while they are in their workplace, and this has provided them with a platform to improve on their performances. It should be noted that many organizations have been resizing due to the economic challenges of the global pandemic of Covid-19. Besides, many restaurants have been receiving few customers due to the economic challenges witnessed as a result of coronavirus. Therefore, there is a need to evaluate the best strategies that the hotel should follow during these difficult times to improve employee performances and ensure it does not lose its best talents a time like now to have a competitive edge.

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