Essay Example on Master's in Human Resource: Essential for Professional HR Managers

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Date:  2023-02-27

A professional master's in Human Resource is an essential element for a human resource manager. It helps them to develop both as an individual and a professional. The components of Master's in Human Resource Development are key for realizing a critically reflective managerial perspective, which is vital for human resource development practice. It is noteworthy that human resource development is a practice area that brings together the elements of education, sociology, system design, psychology, organization development, and management theory and combines them for an enhanced organizational and human performance (Bailey, Mankin, Kelliher, and Garavan, 2018, p.5). The Human Resource Development Master's degree becomes vital when it is required that the knowledge derived from the multiple disciplines is processed for sound decisions. The dynamics of human resource development require that an HR manager becomes consistently critically reflective.

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A Master's degree in Human Resource Development prepares the HR manager to be a strategic thinker and problem solver. With such skills, it becomes easy for a human resource manager to address a wide range of issues on performance, which may hinder an organization's progress. Critical thinking, as an element of human resource management, helps in the identification of performance deficiencies and designing interventions that are appropriate and can lead to improved performance (Lussier and Hendon, 2017, p.16). At a personal level, it helps the HR manager to keep up with the need for requisite knowledge and skills that help both for future career progression and understanding of the dynamics of the workplace. The desire to remain competitive and competent is an ever-present urge. However, the new dimensions that one acquires are an addition to the certification. Progressively, the HR manager acquires knowledge, skills, and competence that make things that initially appear as challenges become manageable.

Being a critically reflective HR manager prepares one for the many specialties that organizations expect them to be adept in. For instance, organizations require that human resource managers handle materials which they use to evaluate the competency of their workforce. Such materials are required to be continuously optimized (Delery and Roumpi, 2017, p.7). Sometimes HR manager performs training and development roles that require planning, coordinating, and directing of programs so as to enhance the knowledge and skills of other employees within the organization (Collings, Wood, and Szamosi, 2018, p.2). While HR manager may not initially appreciate the importance of having skills that do not directly affect their line of professionalism, critical thinking enables them to be curious and lead the growth and development of the team that ensures the overall growth of the organization.

The professional experience gained enables one to be positive about their roles and to appreciate the importance of developing a critical element in their human resource development management skill set. It is satisfying for one to realize that they can finally own their professional self and become even more creative and unique with how they approach HR management issues. The role of critical thinking in processing information from the various disciplines that enable sound decision-making is a key aspect of this HR management course. Applying theory to practice may prove a challenge given the realities of workplace dynamics. However, with critical thinking the HR manager will always find a creative way that solves a problem. Any HR manager that intends to be competent, competitive, and be equipped with the knowledge and skills for critical thinking needs to undertake a Master's degree in Human Resource Development.


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