Essay Example on Increase in Hookah Consumption: Early Exposure & Mythical Beliefs

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Date:  2023-05-23

The Increase of Consumption of Hookah in Adolescents and Young Adults Due to Early Exposure and Mythical Beliefs


According to Fedele et al. 2016, Hooker consumption is a preventable causal of disabilities and deaths among adolescents. A hookah is a form of tobacco that is usually consumed in groups by the use of hookah devices commonly known as water pipes-hookah results in pathophysiological damages to the breathing system, which results in inflammation. When children or adolescents smoke hookah, they are linked to a potential increase in the risk of getting infected with new-onset asthma. Hookah, also known as shisha, is commonly misperceived among adolescents to be less harmful than any other tobacco product. This misconception of hookah smoking was validated by a sample of selected high school adolescents. When children or adolescents smoke hookah, they are linked to a potential risk of getting infected with new-onset asthma. According to (Majeed et al., 2004), several studies have indicated that asthmatic adolescents have indicated higher hookah smoking rate than adolescent groups without asthma (Rahman, 2017). The research led to an assessment of households' perceptions about the use of hookah among adolescents affected by asthma and adolescents without asthma. As a result of misconceptions surrounding hookah smoking, the study hypothesized that asthmatic and non-asthmatic adolescent takes in different hookah rates.

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The study was done among a group of randomly selected high school adolescents of grades 9 to 12 (Martinasek et al., 2014). This study adopted data from 2014 FYTS, which is a school-based questionnaire issued to the public schools of Florida at the end of every year since 1998. For random accuracy, the survey ensured that every student had an equal chance of being selected to fill the questionnaire in a two-stage cluster probability model. The study analyzed various secondary samples from different high schools. Parents were reached through issuing of permission forms which enabled them to fill and sign on behalf of their children (Rahman, 2017). The study employed descriptive statistics that dwelt majorly on asthmatic adolescent hookah users and potential related health effects according to (Martinasek et al., 2014). The lifetime consumption and the current time usage of hookah were examined. The survey considered a variety of measures, which included the sex of participants, race, and grades. The data was weighted to ensure to inclusivity of all the participants.


During the survey, there were various observed differences among the selected samples in terms of grades, sex, and ethnicity. The study examined the current hookah consumption concerning the asthmatic conditions of the samples. At the end of the study, students who were diagnosed with asthma indicated increased current hookah consumption (16.0%) than the students who were free from asthma (14.0%) (Martinasek et al., 2014). The survey indicated that most of the asthmatic students had stayed with households with a previous record of hookah use. Further, students without asthma showed higher exposure to other products of tobacco like cigarettes. The results of this study indicated the need to focus on improving the attitudes, knowledge, and behavioral factors of adolescents. The multivariate logistic regression that adjusted for demographic factors including races, sex, and grades showed that the asthmatic students have a higher prevalence for hookah.


Hooker use is increasing among adolescents, and in most cases, it is surrounded by misperceptions. The study hypothesis was that there would be a higher number of asthmatic adolescents who have used hookahs and have had more positive beliefs than other adolescent peers without asthma. This survey indicated that students with asthma showed a higher prevalence of hookah consumption of other tobacco products. According to Mirgal (2017), among the adolescents in selected high schools diagnosed to be asthmatic reported higher positive perceptions concerning fitness, which might result in more top cases of hookah smoking in the future. The objective of this study was to find out the prevalence, substances associated with smoking hookah, and the adults' perceptions towards the use of hookah. Also, adolescents diagnosed with asthma were reported to be from households with a history of hookah as compared with other adolescents without asthma. The significance of this study is entirely dependent on the descriptive nature of traditions, prevention education, adolescent attitudes, and the crucial factors that require prioritization. Also, some of the asthmatic students who reported positive perceptions concerning the use of other tobacco products apart from hookah need immediate education to prevent further risks associated with the use of cigarettes. The rising usage of hookah calls for specific interventions to change the perceptions of adolescents and the need to educate households to stop involving young youths in the use of tobacco products-the findings of the study call for campaigns to educate adolescents concerning the dangers associated with hookah smoking.


Inconsistency with other previous studies, most of the adolescents consider hookers as slightly less harming as compared to other tobacco products (World Health Organization, 2014). Most of the asthmatic adolescents consider smoking hookah because they believe that hookah makes them fresh and fit. Despite being less harmful, hookah is flavored and cheaper than any other tobacco product. According to (Mirgal, 2017), this attitude can only be changed by the efforts of health professionals and rehabilitators in providing life-changing assessments for hookah smoking. With the current trend of asthmatic adolescents exposing themselves to other tobacco products like cigarettes, demands for quick education and decision are changing services. According to (Mirgal, 2017), health professionals and rehabilitators should come up with precise assessments for hookah smoking and engage hooker smokers in changing attitudes and cessation programs. There is a need to further research in population-related areas to identify currently affected adolescents to rehabilitate and educate them concerning the risks associated with smoking hookah. In the future, studies should aim at identifying chemical substances and come up with measures to inform the adolescents concerning the misunderstandings regarding the potential risks of hookah


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