Essay Example on Gaining English Skills and Knowledge: From Interest to Success

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Date:  2023-03-12

The English language has always fascinated me hence my desire to gain all the relevant skills and knowledge around the subject. I am particularly interested in getting into English 161 so that I can expand my knowledge and skills. I believe this class will propel me to the next level, which will get me into greater heights in my endeavors to succeed in the English language. The English language is interesting as it has many components that cover all the essential aspects of life, such as daily activities, current world affairs, as well as historical elements. Through English, people can express their thoughts, feelings as well as emotions; hence, I much desire to get into English 161, which is a crucial ladder to propel me into the next level.

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The English classes that I have had so far and the writing of both the narrative essay on a day in my life and the persuasive essay on racial discrimination in the criminal justice system: correction and incarcerations, I have learnt how to write different types of essays, study of grammar in sentences, spelling and research especially of current affairs. Writing of my articles and other writings that we have done has enabled me to cover many things that have helped me to know how to come up with a thoughtful argument through critical thinking. Another important lesson that I have learned in my previous English classes is multiple revisions, and proofreading every piece that I write is paramount in developing great projects which results in functional pieces of writing. The essential component of coming up with a constructive argument is to comprehend the significance of the information that one has gathered and how to successfully incorporate it in the writings. In my previous English classes, I have won many writing projects one after another, and I have always promised myself I will not rest until I do my best so that to be successful in English. Writing my essays has helped me gain many writing skills as I went through all the information that was needed to come up with elegant solutions, and I utilized every reliable source that was available to make the best papers.

The extensive experience and skills that I have gained so far are shown in my two essays. I have been able to develop the art of proper research and the use of scholarly and peer-reviewed sources to come up with strong and well-crafted arguments and ideas. For instance, during the writing my persuasive essay on racial discrimination in the criminal justice system: correction and incarcerations I was able to research widely by use of credible sources to come into a conclusion that, racial discrimination is still prevalent in the country, and it is perpetuated in several areas, including the US Criminal Justice System. I was able to find out also that racial segregation in the form of incarceration is perpetuated among African Americans by following the American history of these people which dates back from the period of slavery hence the whites should look at the issue from the point of how they reduce their power and dominance instead of looking at what the blacks have achieved over the years. In my narrative essay, A Day in My Life, I was able to narrate a typical day in my life systematically and thoughtfully.

To get more insight into my desire to getting into English 161 and my skills in writing, I would appreciate it if allowed an interview. Thank you for considering my application.



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