Essay Example on Essential Role of Education & Training in Health Sector Compliance

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Date:  2023-07-18

Observing the code of conduct in the health sector is essential in facilitating the conceptualization of the compliance indicators. Ongoing education and training are fronted to provide insights on the application of standards in conformity with the stipulated policies (HCCA, 2003). At the core is the collection of individuals and personnel benefiting from the program. As such, through training and education, it becomes, the integration of the massive data is an essential step considering the of data will provide the consumers with vast information and freedom of choice leading to a problem-solving approach to the delivery of health care that integrates the best evidence from well-designed studies and patient care data and combines it with patient preferences and values and institutional expertise (Pickard, 2016). Drawing from this approach, the rationale used in ongoing and training is a crucial component of the strategy. Judging from the statistical information, the description could prompt the medics to give more attention to specific medical conditions and data parameters, leading to vertical inequity. Such precedence is disastrous, especially for acute conditions that eventually lead to mortality if mishandled.

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On issues of ethics, it dictates our moral stands and values. The society has preset conditions that require us to act on normalcy. For instance, the organizations and social environment that as one performs business, one has the moral obligation to protect the consumers in the market. Again the leadership is expected to create relationships with the employees for productivity to be enhanced. Currently, businesses are in pursuit of adopting and implementing corporate social responsibility.

Observing the code of conduct within an organization allows the workforce to make sense of the happenings in society. To the extent, I have noted a remarkable element and moment to seek the implementation of ethical solutions through thick and thin concerning the set code and to offer a resilient company to affirm being ethically sensitive and compliant to be quantified as registrar provides.

It was illustrating the manifestation of compliance indicators using personal experience in the health facilities. Of drawing a leaf from personal experience in the organization I work. I have witnessed the importance and ability of nursing informatics to course improvement in patient care provision. It continues to raise bars towards the achievement of quality care that is patient-centered. Informatics is a critical tool in showcasing the benefits of working with data (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017). Although its facilitation is yet to reach the prospected levels, our organization is on the right track to achieve full implementation. Therefore, I recommend that the organization to consider the initiative of an employee development program that will allow nurse informatics to implement their acquired knowledge to coordinate with other specialists in compliance with stipulated hospital policies.


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