Essay Example on Board of Education: Eradicating Infectious Diseases & Limiting Spread in Schools

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The board of Education decided to come up with some policies that will aid in the eradication of communicable infectious diseases and also implement measures on how to limit the spread of these diseases in school. In order to implement on this measures and ensure that the students are safe and not placed in jeopardy, the Board of Education will work in partnership with the Superintendent, District Nursing, the Guardians, parents and also the students and staff members of the school to ensure that the measures are effective.

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The Intention of the Policy

The main intention of the policy is to invent measures to curb the spread of infectious diseases such as influenza and others among students (Bryant et al., 2016, p.372). It also ensures that it creates a haven for the students to ensure that the students attend school and that they achieve in everything one does so that work can secure the right place in the future in terms of business opportunities and that one can be a particular person in the society.

Infectious Disease Prevention Measures

Communicable Disease Prevention

In order for the school to manage a communicable disease outbreak, it needs to implement the guidelines such as the use of proper handwashing techniques. It includes the use of soap, warm water (Bryant et al., 2016). Proper hand washing reduces the spread of many micro-organisms that facilitate the spread of communicable diseases.

Personal Protective Equipment's

In order to curb the spread of Airborne or the Droplet transmitted communicable diseases, it will involve the formation of many strategies, including; The use of Personal Protective Equipment or gears should get implemented. It entails the use of gloves, surgical gloves, N95 masks, gowns, face shields (Bryant et al., 2016, p.376). The Personal Protective Gears aid in keeping safe the students from communicable diseases health hazards in that it prevents the transmission of respiratory micro-organisms to the students.


Isolation measures get taken to prevent the spread of contagious diseases from one person to the other on the school grounds. Isolation entails the use of protective gear to manage the student and also ensure that the student is excluded from others to achieve social distance and avoid direct contact (Apewokin & Onyishi, 2019). The Superintendent will only exclude students according to the law, the board, and also the administrative regulation (Apewokin & Onyishi, 2019). It is because some of the diseases which include the bloodborne disease-causing organisms and viruses such as the Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus, the Human immunodeficiency virus does not spread through direct contact with an infected person. Thus concrete reasons need to be aired out in case one wants to exclude the student, but this, on the other hand, will be a form of discrimination.

Notification and Exclusion

In the case of an outbreak, an investigation will get conducted. When a student gets suspected of having a communicable disease, one will be excluded from school. The notifying of the Health and Education will be conducted to ensure that the disease is controlled and that the student will not suffer any social exclusion, which mostly occurs on school grounds because students are not well trained on coping up with emergency health issues.


The policies are to ensure that the students are kept safe from communicable diseases that Can either get transmitted through the air or even droplets. It also aims to ensure that the institution grounds are conducive for learning. It includes that the facility needs to have an excellent health department that can help ensure these implementations get made and followed to the latter. The policies made ensure that the institution works in partnership with the board, the nurse's department, and also the public health agencies.


Apewokin, S., & Onyishi, N. (2019). Influenza-like illness definition pertaining to clinical practice guidelines on the diagnosis, treatment, chemoprophylaxis, and institutional outbreak management of seasonal influenza. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 70(12), 2749-2749.

Bryant, K. A., Harris, A. D., Gould, C. V., Humphreys, E., Lundstrom, T., Murphy, D. M., Olmsted, R., Oriola, S., & Zerr, D. (2016). Necessary infrastructure of infection prevention and healthcare epidemiology programs: A review. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, 37(4), 371-380.

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