Essay Example on Applying for Nursing Program at Your Institution: A Confident Step Toward Success

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Date:  2023-09-10

It is with great anticipation I make an application for a nursing program to your institution. I have done some several research and consultation research from the students and Alumni, which have assured me that your institution provides the best nursing studies. Your institution has a recommendable rapport in delivering some of the best nursing students. I have a great conviction that joining you will pave a considerable success in my academic fields. I am confident that my contribution to the institution will be significantly felt, and I will be able to share and gain more knowledge from your institution

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The previous studies and achievements that I made have motivated and prepared me for fruitful studies. Having worked with Silverstone Hospital as a phlebotomist for two years enabled me to gain more willingness and affection to study more in the nursing field. Drawing of blood has been my favorite area to work in. My work experience revolves around several organizations. I have been able to work not only as a phlebotomist but also as a quality control technician in Magno – Humphries Laboratories and as an Inventory Control Clerk. I have completed and passed medical assistant certification exams. Currently, I am undertaking my prerequisites at Portland Community College.

As a compassionate person in a nursing career, I will steer my effort to ensure that I achieve my goals in the field and provide a teamwork ideology in making more relevant research aimed at placing nursing on the far front with other courses. I have been able to interact with several firms, and I am passionate that I have the required exposure and knowledge needed before studying the nursing program. Been an innovative, hardworking, and self – controlled person, I will be able to practice professionalism and meet the required institutional values. Additionally, I have been aware of the medical sector's ethical and legal considerations; it will be easy for me to adapt and interact with several persons in your institution. Idea sharing and researches have been my core strength, which will help me not only in making recommendations but also in gaining more skills from the different sub-unit of nursing been taught in your institution.

I am delighted to continue my academic success by learning in your institution and more so committed to ensuring I always present the successful image of your organization in my duties. Being provided with this chance will enable me to achieve my dream target and gaining advanced knowledge when handling my future responsibilities. Furthermore, since I am a well-rounded person, I will be readily available to study or even to perform any other medical tasks highlighted by the institution.

I have attached my resume, which shows my skills, current achievement, and relevant personal information you may need. It will be my pleasure if you offer me this opportunity. Thank you for your time and consideration and as well.

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