Essay Example on a Look At The Past: Why Focus on History?

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Date:  2023-01-26

History is a subject in most American institutions due to their educational curriculum. Every student is supposed to undertake the subject before graduation. Taking a history lesson helps an individual to worry and plan for future expectation through the study of the previous or past occurrences. However, history itself is the study of the last event. It raises many questions, such as why should an individual focus so much on history that has already passed. Undoubtedly, any particular subject requires justification on why it is worth the study. This essay mainly focuses on various aspects and reasons why people study history (Why Study History? 1998).

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Firstly, history offers critical information that is vital in understanding the behavior of different societies and peoples. Understanding of how communities and peoples behave is not an essay task; hence, there must be an analysis of the past event since a reliance of the current data would hinder a clear explanation of several occurrences. For instance, to evaluate the war of a peaceful country, a critical study of the country, historical materials have to be assessed.

Additionally, history can be used by to show or explain the influence and effect of technology to the society and more so to the lives of individuals (Why Study History? 1998). Moreover, it is factual that history is inescapable since the past events act as a widow for present occurrences as well as for future planning. To understand how something happened or coming to existence or was formed depending on the historical information. Good examples of past events that have been refereed all the time are the shift of teenager suicide rates, change of political trends dominance especially in the American society, and war in the Middle East or Balkans. To clearly understand how such events occurred, there must be a study of how the earlier factors that lead the occurrence of such events that can help in planning as a way of prevention of such incidents in future.

Furthermore, it is undoubted that history plays an essential role in individual lives; however, most of the effect is not tangible. For instance, a good narrated history can signify the beauty of a person or a society functioning while at the same time prompting various places and time human experiences. Historians who participate in public reading can testify the importance of skillful writing and dramatic as well as accurateness. Military and biography history is appealing due to the tales they contain, which can play the role of motivating and inspiring individuals to embrace such past experiences. For instance, the way different individuals constructed their lives in the distant ages contains a sense of aesthetic beauty, entertainment, and excitement and more so a different perspective on the society and human life (Why Study History? 1998). Additionally, history provides moral contemplation terrain to individuals who study past situations and individual stories hence being able to examine their moral sense. This is among the many importance that history impacts on a student.

Lastly, the study of history is very vital since it enables an individual to access human experience information. When history is studied well, the student may acquire usual mind habits as well as information on forces that have impacted our lives in many ways, such as good citizenship, awareness, and critical thinking techniques.


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