Teaching Methods Review Essay

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Date:  2022-05-15

Question 1

Lead in- I will ask the students if they have been on a flight before that was somehow uncomfortable.

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After getting the complete idea, I will ask them to talk to their partner about the uncomfortable flight and what they experienced in the flight. This is to bring the idea into the light. Among what is discussed the problem in the flight should be the subject matter. The members should discuss for five minutes to get the full idea.

Pre-teach essential vocabulary- The essential vocabulary that may be discussed are airlines, alcoholism, passengers, travel and, ban. These words have been selected from the text since they are close to the outcome of the lesson. First, I will take a quick review of the words by asking them from the students. I will then give them some time to brain storm on the words by discussing them among themselves in order to foster comprehension.

After this session, I will point out some students to read the words from their dictionaries. After the session I will proceed to write down the definitions this will bring out the clear picture of what the article is about even before the actual reading exercise.

Reading for the main idea- in order to develop the main idea, I would generalize the subject in a few words. I will then proceed to instruct the student to read two sentences each in order for everybody to actively participate. This will also ensure that each student concentrates on reading the passage. Weak readers may also be identified from the process. Also, the students should not read while pointing out the text with their fingers in order to eradicate bad reading habits.

Reading for detailed comprehension- I will ask the students random questions with regard to the five words previously mentioned.

Also, I will set random tests and quizzes to give to students in order to test their comprehension. Multiple choice questions will also be available for the weak students in order to accommodate their level of understanding. In order to moderate the tests, I will ensure all the students are catered for by assorting all these types of questions together.

Follow up- as follow up, I will let some students who have experienced the scenario of flights with drunkards narrate. After the story, I will some students to give their reaction to the narrated event in a bid to maintain the discussion. Apart from this, I will draw charts that will help in the symbolizing of the hazards involved in flying while drunk.

Question 2

For university students, discriminative listening is recommended considering the fact that their level of concentration is a little bit lower. This form of listening is key since the involved students are learners and are new in their particular field. Therefore, it is important for them to take note of the pronunciation of keywords that are pronounced during the session. Apart from this, comprehensive listening could also be a useful tool since it is accompanied by non-verbal cues that help in clarification of the subject.

For the team of engineers, informational type of listening and viewing is recommended in order for them to learn from each other. Since it is a formal meeting, this type of listening comes in handy since it focusses on informing the listener on the critical aspects of the subject matter. In such a case, the relevant tables and drawings are explained using informative language which ,therefore, requires an informational listener.

Additionally, the critical type of listening is essential for the meeting since it is based on evaluation and sensitization of the intended message. The information in the meeting could be useful in the sense that it could be an important aspect in the construction of roads or other infrastructure. For this reason, the learner should employ this type of listening.

Question 3

The teaching aids used in teaching can be chosen depending on various factors. Depending on the level of study of the students, especially those having English as their second language, it is mandatory that you use materials that will consequently grab their attention like the radio or videos that promote the proper pronunciation of words.

On probable needs, the instructor may consider using sources that appeal to the probable needs, for example, age and visual stimulation. For children, their concentration span is shorter hence they require involving aids like singing games and tricks that will capture their attention throughout the session. On the other hand, adults may require you to have aids that have less visual stimulation but a large content delivered within a short time but in an elaborate manner, for example, the use of a projector while teaching.

Culture may also affect the audience since the use of an aid that they are not accustomed to may result in harsh reactions. For instance, the introduction of written charts in a kindergarten may lead the children to tear them up due to the lack of understanding.

The students' interests may also affect the aid used. For instance, a video that concerns barley dancing could not be presented in an army training base since the interests are different. Similarly, the choice of aid should rhyme with the particular field in order for it to assist the instructor to impart knowledge.

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