Essay Example - American History and Identity

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Date:  2021-04-26

The American history plays a critical role in its culture and identity. The unfolding events that took place in the middle of the 20th century give a landmark on the aftermath of World War II. The Americans had developed the fear of indoctrination of communist ideas onto their soil. The anti-communist campaigns aims were against the red scare spread. Red scare was a movement prevented the creation of civil freedom. Consequently, due to the malicious motive of the communist movement, President Truman established a loyalty review system that aimed at sorting out patriots from communists. However, the move by President Truman lacked a ground for justification that led to adverse effects such as sucking of employees without substantial reason. It also resulted in the resignation of many more workers. Besides, Joseph McCarthy, a senator, became vocal on the issue of transforming communist foundations. He stood up the firm to release a list of communist sympathizers. He suddenly got impeached by the Senate in 1952.

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It is significant to note that American history in the middle of 20th century is a characteristic of racial discrimination against the non-Americans. The development of the House of Un-American Committee Activities (HUAC) is outrageous because it curtails the freedom foreigners to work in the United States. The Congress instigated the aggressive motive of HUAC in the year 1946. The Congress believed that the presence of immigrants in the United States aggravated attack against the government during that time. For instance, a major target of HUAC was the Hollywood. Hollywood was a target because of having foreign movie directors. More so, prohibition of different messages on air by America's number one entertainment channel was intensive. Due to fear of dominance, the American natives were the immigrants from the Eastern Europe. Similarly, sending children to different schools basing on the race is a discrimination of the highest order. Separate cannot be equal because the black and white children attend different schools respectively. The development of various organizations such as Civil Rights Movement, and Congress of Racial Equality, had a motive of creating equality for the whole races in America to have equal opportunity to access public services.

Additionally, the spirit of making America great and vigorous emanates from the historical context of its culture and politics. The culture and political system of America are to assume power and authority to control the world as a superpower state. For example, in 1950's was a period of affluence on economic, social, political and technological aspects of United States of America. It marks a time of the invention of television, jets, air conditioners and automatic dishwashers. Capitalism gained root to ensure America grows economically more than other states. Economic growth led to a reduction in the unemployment rate, the creation of stable prices for commodities, and improvement of the standards of living. American workers had the most attractive disposable income, and it actively produced durable products. Eisenhower reformed the transportation system to interstate road systems.

Besides the strong will to be a united state, American history had gender biases, where men were favorable than women the era of baby boomers enabled the growth of nuclear families. Due to unfavorable social role ascribed to women, women had to stay at home and take care of their families as the husbands became breadwinners. The middle age of 20th century also probes questions on the participation f women in politics. Only men are the active members in the political system of the United States.


The historical context of America in the mid 20th century had an influence on the new face of America today. The USA is still an active member of NATO, a joint force that carries operations in the Middle East. It is also evident that the USA is exercising its powers in other states such as embargoes on Iran, Russia, and North Korea. More so, the issue of minority groups is still aching America, for example, a recent movement emerged with a motive to send a message to the government and the world that black lives matters. The spirit of making America strong again is evident with the presence of New Trump administration. Therefore, America is what it is because of its history.

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