Equal Access to Education Essay

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Date:  2022-06-16

Every person deserves the right to access education. The learning result can determine quality education that one acquires from a learning facility as well as the expertise they would present to the labor market. While education is a vital driver for enhancing economic growth, reducing child mortality, empowering livelihoods, reducing poverty, in a developing like Moldova, learners face various problems in accessing quality education. However, in a developed country like the US, education is quite advanced.

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Moldova is a developing country in Europe and its economy extensively depends on agriculture. Despite the educational reforms established, the country still experiences a decline in the number of students who pass secondary examinations. Over 50% of the learners are just partially able to read, write, and understand science subjects as compared to other neighboring countries ("UNICEF - Equal Access to Quality Services," n.d.).

The country's existing evaluations and examinations framework are not fully integrated with the curriculum. There is also an inefficient system responsible for training and recruitment of teachers. Overall, over 25% of the teachers are of retirement age ("UNICEF - Equal Access to Quality Services," n.d.). The poor students' school turn up is low, and they mostly fail to attend the classes which result in many cases of school drop-outs.

On the other hand, in the US, each state has various schools which offer quality education. Each state has its own University, and some even have extended networks of universities and colleges. Take, for instance, The State University of New York, spans over sixty campuses in the same state. Tentatively, the quality of education offered in both private and public institution does not portray a major discrepancy.

The US is leading in the percentage of young individuals who access higher education, and there is widespread of such institution across the country. The world-class research universities have enhanced the development of high-tech scientific, economic and entrepreneurial activities which drives the growth and sustainability of the country (Clack, 2007). Undoubtedly, learning institutions in the US offer students with optimal classroom experience, the flexibility of learners needs and sufficient support facilities for the learners.


In developing countries, natural resources continue to receive intense pressure from the population. For example, agricultural sources are depleted to feed the growing population as well as for export. Food pressure in developing countries has to lead to enhance agricultural activity which in turn causes depletion of the environmental resources (Bacescu-Carbunar, 2018). The developed countries, however, utilize the natural resources to foster on economic development and to build international economic power. Most of the industrialized nations import raw materials and make finished products out of them and ultimately consume the products locally as well as export them. They focus on maintaining consumer culture as well as enhance environmental protection.


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