Electronic Commerce Project for Technojob Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-20


Technojob is a company that deals in the sale of electronic products. The company faces challenges of low sales volume and loss of its customers to competitors. This company was formed in 2002 by Michaele Joseph as a family business. Its low sales volume and revenue results from high competition in the local market and also inability to reach many customers. At the same time, Technojob is also experiencing poor marketing and advertisement because it requires the high cost to market its products in different places which the business owner cannot afford. As a result, it is necessary for the owner of this business to devise a course of action that it can use to improve its sales revenue and reduce the cost of marketing (Anne Boehm, 2010). This company wants to solve these problems by introducing current technology that can reduce the cost of marketing and advertisement and also make the company products accessible to many people in the global market (MacGregor & Vrazalic, 2013). The business seeks to create an online platform where it can buy and sell its products online. This will increase its customer base and also allow it to operate in the global market. The two technologies that can help in researching for business analysis system include decision matrix analysis and decision matrix which are platforms which can provide essential information on how to manage the business efficiently through the use of technology such as internet of the thing and big data. It can introduce e-Commerce to help it sell and buy different products using the internet. This technology will also assist this company in transferring the money and data online within a concise time.

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Business Requirement to Solve its Problems

The objectives for undertaking this project are to reach as many customers as possible. The development of the web store is to allow the online purchase, and through this process, it enhances reachability for many customers (Murach, 2010). The business has been unable to reach very many customers in the domestic market, but with the implementation of new technology, the company will gain a broader market base in the international market. The project is also expected to increase customer satisfaction through the provision of quality products on time delivery, 24*7 customer support. Efficient customer service increases their loyalty and satisfaction which is essential for any business. Finally, the project aimed at improving social popularity which it can only enhance through e-commerce (MacGregor & Vrazalic, 2013). The introduction of new technology that supports online purchase store will be able to connect to many people across the globe at a lower cost. For the company to achieve these objectives, it must implement new technology such as building web store online to support the online purchase.

The business requires experienced personnel that can help it set up and develops an online platform that supports purchasing and selling online. The industry must have a project manager, software developer, and business analysts (Murach, 2010). At the same time, the company must have software and hardware and other equipment required in developing an application that allows the business to sells its products in the global market. The software will be installed in a computer and servers that use the internet to ensure that the company can display its products online for buyers.

Project Description

The company wants to build an online shopping platform which allows buyers to purchase its products directly from it over the internet through the use of web browser. The customers find the outcome of their choice by just visiting the company website or through searching the shopping search engine which shows the availability of company products and their prices. Customers are free to register and review a company product online. Only registered members have access to the available products where they can view and purchase the products of their choices (MacGregor & Vrazalic, 2013). The online website store has a Contact Us page where customers can use to chart and communicate with the administrator. There are various roles namely visitor, user, and admin. The visitors also have the opportunity to observe the available products on sale while users can see and buy the products (Murach, 2010). Admin has the chance to view and purchase the products, and this makes an administrator to have more privilege than the user and visitors. Admin can add another product to customers, remove and add product description. They also have the opportunity to add users, correct the information of the user. Finally, they have the advantage of shipping orders to the users according to the order which has been placed by the company.

Key Technological Requirements

There are various technical requirements which must be available to build an appropriate e-commerce store and support effective online business. There must be software and hardware technologies such as web server which is essential in hosting the website. Server software such as application software and file server software to allow the online web store to know the client request. Web tool which is essential in creating the front end of the website (MacGregor & Vrazalic, 2013). Database system must also be there as a significant part of the e-commerce website. It is vital for storing information about the products and the clients like product price and description. Finally, it must use networking technology that allows the website store to connect through the internet.

Competitors and Technology

This company competes with companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and HP. All these companies produce and sell their electronics products. These companies also use online shopping platforms similar to the one being used by this company (Murach, 2010). It uses online web store where they put their products online where the customers can view them. They also use online payment system where the customer can make payment online through the use of MasterCard's. These companies also use digital marketing technology to advertise their products. All these technologies reduce the cost of doing the business by ensuring that the company reaches very many customers in the global market within a shorter time. They also provide that the company create awareness about their products at a lower cost. As a result, they incur lower marketing and advertisement costs thus have a higher profit margin.


For this company to increase its performance and effectiveness, it must implement an e-commerce platform that ensures that the company reaches very many customers within a short time. It needs to develop an online store where customers view and select the product of their choice online. They can also make payment for the product of their interest online. This increases customer loyalty and satisfaction because buyers receive their product at their doorstep.


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