Educational Support Services to Assist Parents and Families

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Date:  2021-03-04

Educational researchers have proved that students need to be motivated for them to perform better. To ensure that children behave appropriately, both the parents and the school personnel must work together. It is evident that in the modern world that children tend to spend more time in school than at home with their parents. In fact, they are only given a short break for them to spend some time with their parents. As such, the school personnel have a major role to play in determining the behaviors of these students. The common ways of motivating students behavior include; offering rewards, punishments, offering more task and responsibilities, training them and lastly evaluating their performance.

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Motivation is a very important step in transforming the behavior of a student. It is a mutual effort for both the school personnel and the parents to motivate their students. Parents could offer them reward as a way of motivating them to transform their behaviors. Consequently, the student would be motivated to work hard to ensure that he/she acts appropriately so as to get the reward. It would be advantageous for both the student and the parents. The school personnel could offer certain rewards such as trips for the most behaved students. Such action would motivate other students to improve their behaviors so as get the reward.

Some types of punishment can also be used to motivate students to exercise good behaviors. Many parents are believed to be too lenient to their children, and it would have a negative impact on their behaviors as they would be certain that their parents would not punish them even if they behaved inappropriately. The school personnel should also be strict by punishing students whose behaviours are against the school's rules and regulations. Students can also be motivated when they are given more task and responsibilities. It would motivate them to believe that their parents or the school personnel trust them with such task and responsibilities. As a way of ensuring they do not lose their trust, such students are likely to transform their behaviors. Training is another form of motivation that could be enhanced to students. It would equip them with the right skills on how to improve their performance. Also, such types of training motivate them to behave appropriately. The student should be evaluated periodically as a way of motivating them. Both the parents and school personnel should establish ways of evaluating such students so as to ensure they become more responsible for their actions.

The school personnel should involve family members in the development of Behavioural Intervention plans due to various reasons. First, parents understand the behaviors of their children more than the school personnel. This is because the school personnel are in charge of many students and it would be difficult to concentrate more on one student. Also, students in most cases tend to emulate their parent's behaviors. In that light, the family members would help in transforming the behaviors of such students. Behavioural Intervention plans benefits the parents by ensuring that their children improve on their behaviors. It benefits the students by ensuring the students improve their performance since positive behaviors would be reflected in their school performance. As such, it would create a positive public image between the school and the public. The student is also likely to benefit by improving his/her performance both at home and a school. It would also enable the student to earn respect from both their parents and the staff.

Functional behavior analysts suggest a problem-solving process for addressing the behavior of students, which aims at evaluating some of the students' behaviours to establish how they could be improved. The three evidence-based behavior intervention strategies include identifying the problem, analysing the problem relating to that student's behavior, solving and evaluating the intervention. The process of identifying the problem requires a mutual effort from both the school personnel and the family members. This is the initial process which is very critically. The process will not be successful if they identify the wrong problem that does not reflect in his/her behaviors. The aspect of analyzing the problem involves establishing better ways of dealing with the problem. This also entails training the student to behave in a certain way. In this process, the school personnel could use motivation factors to transform the student's behavior. The last strategy entails evaluating if the intervention was successful. This could take a longer period since it involves monitoring the behavior of that student.

Some of the common reason as to why children misbehave include; seeking attention, peer pressure, poor up bring, lack of good role model and influence from the media. Most children may exercise certain behaviors as a way of seeking more attention from either their parents of the school personnel. Peer pressure is also a factor that impacts the behavior of a student. As such, parents and school personnel are advised to ensure students associate themselves with the right group. Parents have a responsibility in ensuring that they act as good role models for their children. In most cases, students are believed to emulate most of their parents' behaviors.

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