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Educational leadership is a process which unites teacher's, student's and parent's talents and forces to bolster education and make the education system to be of the desired standard. Employing the right leadership in education will ensure that the academic performance of students is up to the sound standard.

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For the educational leadership to be of the desired standard, there are qualities which have to be put in place and adhered for the education to realize its success (Hughes, & Panzo, 2015). Education leadership should be visionary, in this case, it is expected the parents, teachers, and students jointly formulate the targets and aim of their performance, this will ensure that everybody is working towards the target thus realizing education success. Provide healthy studying environment, teachers and parents should ensure that the facilities required by the students in their studies are availed and meet the required standards thus resulting in the success of the students.

The success of the educational leadership requires that the teachers have a certain set of leadership principles as follows. Make timely decisions, as a teacher; it is always prudent to know when to take certain actions and how to execute them, for instances when a student display uncalled behavior, it is good to be able to decide on whether to administer punishment to the student or subject student to counseling. Having this quality will ensure that there is an understanding within the institution and no one gets offended.

Dedication to service, as a good leader it is always mandatory that you offer service with all determination to succeed. As a teacher with sound leadership skills, it becomes prudent to think before taking action within the institution, this will ensure that the decision made is beneficial and brings harmony within the institution.

Effective leadership in the education sector requires that the teachers know various types of leadership to be employed as follows. Transformational leadership, this is a type of leadership where the leader aims at bringing organization within the institution to realize success in the future (Anderson, 2008). For this type of leadership to be successful, resources must be adequately provided and encourage innovation and adoption of technology in the institution. The transformative leader has got key pillars which he or she must hold to this leadership to be effective. The key pillars include; inspirational motivation, as an education leader, one should ensure that the students are constantly reminded about the set goals and the expectations of the institution, offering guidance on how to go about of the daily activities in studies to achieve them. Intellectual stimulation, as a good leader in the education sector, it becomes important to always encourage students to be innovative and creative in their way of studies thus achieving success. Idealized influenced, in this case, leaders should have a good character like hard work for students to emulate them.

Collaborative leadership. This is a type of leadership which incorporates the intelligence of different personnel within an institution so as to achieve a certain objective (Lawrence, 2017). For a leader in the education sector, it is paramount to ensure there is a good relationship between the students and teachers to ensure that students are free to share their ideas on the improvement of the institution with the teachers. With this leadership in place, conflict resolution within the education set up will be handled amicably.

With the appropriate adoption of these leadership skills, the aim of the schools will be achieved with ease, and the reputation of the institution will be built to a level yearned for in society. Sound leadership in the education sector is paramount and beneficial to both students, teachers, and parents.

Collaboration Process Summary

After an intense discussion with the group members on the leadership in schools and the leadership principles, it was evident that the most common principles were the ability of leaders to make timely decisions and being responsible. On examining these principles, it was found that all the group members had come across leaders in possession of these principles and their leadership proved to be effective. From the discussion vast knowledge was gained by each member. Knowledge of behavioral theory was more pronounced; this theory postulates that the behavior of a leader is gained from their experience which can be acquired from the subjected environment.

Lessons learned from the discussion was all of the desired standards, and the discussed leadership skills were sound hence all the members agreed on them.

For the discussion to be effective, there have to be key steps to be followed and to be ensured that they are in place. During the discussion, we had to choose a leader to moderate the discussion process and give each member equal opportunity to put forward his or her idea and view on the educational leadership. Since the discussion was conducted online, we resolved to employ chatting as a means of discussion; this decision was reached because every member could access the phone to use in chat. The documents employed in the discussion was the google documents; this was necessary since it enables one to edit what another person sent.

During the discussion, effective tools were employed to ensure that the information was conveyed in an effective manner ("Online and distance learning: concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications," 2008). Tools used were a drop box; this method ensured that the documents shared by each member could be received by all members of the group. WhatsApp application was utilized in chatting; this tool ensured that the chat message conveyed reach all of the group timely. It was a necessity during the discussion that every member of the group was accessed to reliable internet to ensure continuous interaction without any interruption.

Collaborative learning proved to be a more effective way of getting more information and establishing the most credible information (Lawrence, 2017). This is because through this method of learning, you get to know what other person thinks about an idea and you compare with what you know and through that, you get to know the strong point and one which is valid to be adopted. School staff should employ this method as through it they will get to know the most effective ways of running school from fellow teachers.


In conclusion, our discussion was successful. This success is attributed to the good leader who was in charge of the collaborative discussion and the efficient tools employed in the discussion. The collaborative discussion proved to be dependable, and if applied by school staff members, it will enable them to learn from each on the effective way teaching and running of the school affairs. I strongly recommend this approach of discussion, and in the future, I will adopt it in a leadership position.


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