Essay Sample on Evaluating Leadership Competencies for Nursing Professionals

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Date:  2023-01-16


Strong leadership is vital in every sector of work environments and particularly in those that are faced with high pressure where decision making needs to be quick. Quality leadership is essential in ensuring successful nursing groups. Given the kind of demands in nursing, nurse leaders need to establish useful leadership abilities and competencies. One of the essential ways that a nurse leader can use to develop their skills and expertise is by evaluating their competences. The American Organization of Nurse Executives thus established the Nurse Manager Skills Inventory that allows nurse leaders to rate themselves. The inventory presents several content areas that the leader can use to rate themselves (Denker, 2014). In performing personal leadership evaluation using the inventory, one finds a platform for identifying strengths, weaknesses and professional targets, and professional objectives as a nurse leader.

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Personal and Professional Accountability

My strengths under personal and professional accountability, my strengths involve having clear plans for both career and personal growth. As a leader, I am directly accountable to the governing bodies for every care provided. For the goals to be achieved, I understand that all the leaders and leadership groups must collaborate in managing the organization. Another strength regarding my personal plan towards professional and educational advancements through many training programs after school. Essentially, I understand the standards that align with the scope of practice that relates to nursing. I am also in the process of acquiring professional certification that helps improve my nursing practice. However, one weakness that I have is that I have not participated in any professional networks that promote development; but I am yet to identify some and join.

Career Planning

In my career planning, my strengths are to pursue advanced nurse practice to add additional care to the patient. Another advantage I have regarding my career planning is that I have developed a comprehensive plan to help advance in my nursing career. In the career ladder, I undertake new clinical experiences to help achieve my goals. Additionally, through career training, I can increase my patient care. I take an interest in monitoring the progress of my career and learning to know what sectors I have improved in and those that have not. I take it seriously to incorporate learning and development activities in my diary, such as reasons for the lesson activity conducted, what I, and the topic I covered. However, I have a weakness in organizing my plans for the future and thus, I yet to create a future plan that represents my future position as a leader in health care.

Personal Journey Disciplines

Regarding my individual journey disciplines, the ability to use learning mechanisms effectively for problem-solving are my strengths. I have strength in using action learning to solve a problem and reflect on my decisions. However, the weakness I have is that I do not have strong decision making, and my goal is to develop these skills to improve my practice. As a nurse, I must always oversee associations with a wide assortment of people since coordinated effort and collaboration are required to convey excellent patient care. Collective connections ought to be built up that respect the motivations and abilities of the other leaders (McCann, Sparks, & Kohntopp, 2017). My powerful relational skills are keys to dealing with any leadership relationship, yet they're also particularly essential to nurture nurses who are good at networking. One weakness that I have regarding my personal journey discipline is that currently, I do not manage any councils that push for shared leadership

Reflective Practice Reference Behaviors/Tenets

Concerning my reflective practice, I hold integrity as an integral strength of achieving transformational leadership and achieving positive outcomes. I practice highest nursing ethics and standards as a way of continually upholding integrity. I continue to support workplace diversity by recognizing the benefits of cultural and racial diversity, including the differences that exist in the level of education. I developed social awareness through caring for other people's needs, experiences and responding to any needs that they may be having. The diversified cultural groups of people are present in a healthcare setting, and thus I have developed the ability to discover everyone's potential and identify each person's motivation (McCann, Sparks, & Kohntopp, 2017). However, one weakness that I have is that I am yet to develop proper decision-making skills that involve the incorporation of multiple perspectives and opinions.

How I Will Use My Current Leadership Skills

I will use my leadership skills such as accountability and planning to influence other leaders and health care workers to achieve their best potential in every sector they are involved in. I will also advocate for change using my skills by influencing opinions, action and choices of healthcare providers concerning areas of need and collaborating people who may need support. My personal leadership goal for my leadership growth career to build a healthy environment in a work setting. As a leader, I aim to work hard to construct healthy and positive cultures in the organization.

Effective leadership in nursing is associated with prime hospital performance. Using the leadership evaluation inventory, one finds a platform for identifying strengths, weaknesses and professional targets, and professional targets as a nurse leader. Developing leadership skills is vital among leaders and healthcare professionals. Also, having clear management goals objectives can prompt increased health care and improved professionalism. Understanding weaknesses and strengths help plan a nursing career path and leadership competencies. I have confidence in developing improving shortcomings such as fast decision making. As the focus on health care performance intensifies, it is vital to adopt improved leadership to increase efficiencies and improve quality.


Denker, A. G. (2014). Transformational leadership in nursing: A pilot nurse leader development program.

McCann, J. T., Sparks, B. H., & Kohntopp, T. F. (2017). Leadership integrity and diversity in the workplace. Leadership, 2(5).

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