Education is Needed

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Date:  2021-03-13

Education is a primary factor that is capable of bringing equality among a group of people from different backgrounds. It gives a person the confidence which is a compulsory feature if one has to stand by what she/he believes in regarding a particular matter. The combination of independence and self-assurance allow a person logically view a situation and fight for the appropriate changes; such are the characteristic of any leader. However, a significant number of the young population seem less interested in the benefits of education. Such an observation have been supported by various studies that found out that almost 1.2 million students in the United States drop out of high school annually causing a reduction of in the number of the population with high school diplomas within the society. The refusal to gain education often translates to the future generation because children tend to learn the facts about life from the parents. The uneducated population can only find unskilled jobs, such forms of labor contribute insignificantly to the country's economy thus reducing economic growth which eventually affects the entire community.

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Although most people believe that dropouts are just lazy or uninterested in working towards a better future, such acquisitions are not always correct. Studies indicate that 76% pf students who decide to leave to school are afraid of failing to achieve the standard GPA. The second common factor that encourages dropouts is the testing inequalities. Despite having the same education systems, examinations often differ among the states. Some people view this kind of disparity as unfairness because the tests might seem easier in one county compared to the other, yet they will eventually have to struggle for the same college opportunities. The last aspect is insufficient knowledge in certain subjects which ultimately lowers an individual's grades.

Despite the of challenges young people face in high school, they have to be encouraged to remain in school and work hard. Lack of education has adverse effect on an individual, the community and eventually the nation. For instance, uneducated parents are less likely to secure employment. Thus, they are forced to live in poor conditions. Since they cannot cater for the basic needs of their children, they often leave them to fend on their own in the streets. The future generations of such kids are likely to leave the same kind of life or even worse. Given the hardships in streets, some people can decide to join gangs to make some cash thus making the community unsafe. At the same time, beggars often utilize public infrastructure, yet they cannot contribute any amount thats required for maintenance; this put an enormous burden on the government as it is forced to increase its expenditure which is acquired by raising taxes.

Given the adverse effects of increased rates of school drop-outs, the government should curb the problem to reduce further damage. Strategies such as temporarily increasing education expenditure to employ more teachers and reduce class sizes can have a great impact on the school system. For instance, a smaller classroom will allow a teacher to have personalized attention to a student, thus noting the weaknesses and dealing with them accordingly. The government should also standardize the education system to ensure that all students are given equal opportunities in securing a place in college.

Education is at the core of our society as it has allowed peaceful coexistence and various inventions and innovation which have made life more comfortable. Therefore, everyone in the society has the role to make the future generations much better by encouraging young people to take education seriously. Certain laws which discourage students should be replaced by better policies that allow individuals to explore their potential to the maximum.

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