Personal Essay Sample: Feeling of Being in the Presence of God

Date:  2021-03-24 13:39:23
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The feeling of being in the presence of God in my meditation time after prayers is very assuring. I feel very secure and in peaceful. The feeling of having a father who loves me and cares about me irrespective of whether I wrong Him or do what is right before His eyes. I feel like a small baby in the warm and tender hands of the Almighty. There is no better feeling than when I know that I am in the arms of God and that He is watching over me and fighting my battles. When I talk to God through prayers, I always know he is listening to me. Therefore, the few minutes I spend in silence helps me in reconnecting with Him. At this point in time, I normally feel like am surrounded with the strongest force in the universe and that I am protected from any harm. I feel like I am on the safest place that I can ever be. It is such a valuable time to me.

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Whenever I pray, I normally repent my sins to God. After my prayers I reflect on my life and try to compare it with what God asks of me in the Holy Quran. The guilt that often engulfs me when I remember how merciful and loving my God is, and the much I hurt Him by betraying His word is so overwhelming. It feels like I owe the Almighty for every sin I commit. For His grace is always there for me, I always feel reassured that no matter how big the challenges are, God will always have a place for me in His arms. I feel like I belong to a father who loves me beyond the weakness of mankind. In my heart I feel in peace with the Lord and His word. The feeling of freedom and salvation from eternal condemnation in hell is the most reassuring thing I feel every time I pray. It motivates and strengthens me.


When I request God for anything in my life through prayer, I am always assured of the best in store for me. During the moment of silence after prayer, I always remember some of the verses that assure me of how willing to provide our Almighty is. This makes me realize how much I owe him praise and glorification of His name. I feel like I am directly linked to the source of all that I wish for and such an honorable feeling. All he needs is just for us to ask. It is such a humbling feeling. I, therefore, feel like I should spend more time in His presence to show Him how I honor Him.


Often when I feel emotionally low, disappointed or even frustrated, I always share my pain with God through prayer. I pour out all the feelings through prayer to My God who is ever ready to listen to me. Therefore, after my prayers, I take a brief moment of meditation in silence. My heart always feels lighter because I know that I have put my troubles in the hands of the Lord who is always able. A feeling of healing and restoration of happiness starts during this time. If I had been wronged by anyone, after this brief time of meditation, I can easily overlook the hurt and the pain inflicted on me. The feeling of comfort and assurance that He is working towards solving my issues rejuvenates my spirits and will to face life.

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