Education as a Problem/Solution Essay

Paper Type:  Argumentative essay
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Wordcount:  590 Words
Date:  2022-05-17

Education seems to be the only way one can attain a financially stable life in future in the current century despite it is becoming quite hard to pursue education due to the problem of raising the cost of the four-year study at the university (Delbanco). Therefore, this calls for the need to look at the problems brought about by the rise in fees and the possible measures that the United States government can put in place to curb this issue as well as an explanation as to why these methods are going to work perfectly for the United States.

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First, the number of students joining the universities is low since raising university fees is quite hard for most students as the largest population is made up of people of low-income disadvantaging bright students that are from humble backgrounds. This leads to termination of their hopes of improving their living standards. The cost of living for the students at the university is also quite high and therefore these students face a lot of financial strains that make many of them to drop out or involve themselves in illegal activities to earn a living or worse indulge in drug abuse. The number of students who are enrolled in the universities is also relatively low due to the same problem and in the long run, the number of students graduating each year is becoming low something that will result to fewer specialists released to country's service (Delbanco).

To solve this mega issue in education and also ensure that the future generation doesn't face the same problem, the government should strive to ensure that there is establishment of more public universities in the country and also fund them to reduce the amount of academic fees and also after the students have joined the universities, the institutions should also invent ways of accommodating them in hostels (Schwartz 16). Furthermore, students need to be provided with Higher Education Assistance that includes subsidized loans that they can pay later after their graduation and acquire a job. Additionally, the invention of scholarship programs for university students can also be of great help to the needy students (Schwartz 18).

Establishment of more university institutions within the country will help in the admission of large numbers of students that complete their secondary education regardless of whether they are from well up families or not. The state level funding will also enable the school to continue with the project developments required without straining the parents to fund the projects hence reduce the cost of education. Financial aid to the students provided by the higher education loans will help students to have a smooth life at school and therefore have much concentration on their coursework instead of other illegal activities. Cheap accommodations provided by the institution will additionally help reduce the cost of paying rental houses hence still reducing the cost of acquiring university education. Scholarship programs that offer 100% sponsorship will, on the other hand, help the needy students to access higher education hence develop their skills and career.

Therefore, it is important to note that the problem facing the current generation has not yet run out of hand, and if the above solutions are practised early enough, then the U.S will be able to raise the standards of education by making it more affordable to every student.

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