Economic Discussions on Artistic Roles

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Date:  2021-09-02

According to the text Ideological constructions in federal youth arts by Lori Hager, he explains how the role of the youth community art has been transformed to that of social service. (Page, 128). Art is therefore considered to meet social, educational and economic goals. It has been described as both schools based and non-school based.

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Basing on the functions of the art as discussed by Hager, its very crucial for the government to fund the Art especially the youth Art. Just like in the other areas of state spending, the sector of art has also been given a privilege in enjoying the benefits. For the last 40 years, state governments have held a commitment to the works of art and further established Agencies for the art. Government funds the art because its considered as a crucial policy asset and also a prosperity generator to the nation. Arts have been considered to bring quite a number of benefits which includes the following.

Primarily, work of Art is considered as an economic driver by the government. Notably, this is seen through the creation of jobs as well as revenue production. It has also been used to improve lives of those in rural areas to fight poverty through social, educational and economic goals. Its also considered as a civic catalyst as it creates a desirable quality of living for the people. Finally, its considered a cultural legacy. In essence, it preserves the culture and heritage of different people in the society.

Artists are, therefore, expected to fulfill the social, educational and economic goals through their artistic work. This is because the strategies of art and culture assist to reveal and also promote the underlying identity. It brings out the unique meaning of value and character in the form of a community in terms of physical and social considerations. The identity created by art is shown by the communitys character or in other terms sense of place.

The best social values required in the community are installed by the artist. Education through the artistic work is important too as it creates awareness in so many areas. The community is thus informed. Economically, artistic work is a source of income and hence improving the standards of living for the people.

The National Endowment concerning the Arts has for a period been on crosshairs due to conservative critics. If the government completely doesnt support the artwork the artists will be forced to get alternative jobs including the artist educators.

Even though the artists can get alternative means or jobs they would still meet their economic functions but the social and educational sectors would miss a lot and its a disadvantage to the whole community at large. In conclusion, the government should be encouraged to fund the art sector as its an important area in the community in promoting the social, economic and educational goals of the state.

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