Drugs, Alcohol and Drug Abuse

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Date:  2021-03-10

Alcohol is one of the most common addictions in the contemporary generation. People initially took alcohol as a major factor in drug and alcohol addiction and this was as early as the 18th century. However, as time has gone by, the concept of alcoholism has become some aspect of the contemporary environment. With the evolving world, another issue that has rocked the society is regarding drug abuse. Drugs, alcohol and gambling have been used in different environments not only in the contemporary environment but also in earlier times. Initially drugs had their issuance in the field of pharmacy (Tramontana, 2009). However, drug users have used this as a means through which they can get more customers as some of the pharmacists have become more lenient regarding the use of drugs and consequently have made most of the lethal drugs legal through illegal sales. It is imperative to give a critical analysis of the factors regarding the theories involved in the manufacture and distribution. To understand the best means through which one can deal with any unidentified issues regarding the issue is through some of the most common theories.

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With regard to the moral theory, people have different reasons for using alcohol. One of the most common reasons why people take to alcohol is to show the environment or rather the society that they use the alcohol as a means through which they can feel better about some of the aspects or rather to annoy the family (Stimson, 2013). Some households have very strong rules regarding the behavior of their children. Research has shown that many children that are brought up in strict environments seek to defy the morals of the family by, drug abuse, gambling and drinking alcohol. Some of the people that engage in drinking alcohol are as a result of peer pressure. Many people in the contemporary and not only this, but also earlier environments use alcohol as a means to prove themselves to their age mates that they fit in the society (Nutt, 2008).

The generic theory is another theory that has got the attention of many people and the reason for this is the fact that some parents have brought up their children in an alcoholic and gambling environment. When the children get to grow up, they follow the behavior of their parents and this is because of genetics which is an issue that scientists have taken and used as the reason for their behavior. There also exists the personality theory where some people have their natural attributes and preferences leading them to take drugs, gamble or abuse alcohol (Gainsbury, 2012). The social learning theory is another theory used in understanding this particular issue. Some people to learn about alcohol-based from the areas where these people grew up. This theory most applies in areas where their lives are lower than standard.

The reason for the social learning theory mostly applying to the less fortunate people is the fact that they do not have quality lives and consequently they get to this point because of their parents growing up in such times in a manner that they would get to alcohol or drugs as a means through which they would solve some of the issues that affected them at the time (Duncun, 2015). The gambling aspect also comes in through this theory and this is from the fact the poor people get to solve or rather think that they can use their natural talents to gamble through various gaming games present in their areas.


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