Does Homework Help in Child Education?: Argumentative Essay

Paper Type:  Argumentative essay
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Date:  2023-02-06


Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, does homework and extensive assignments have positive impacts in your child's education? Education is a critical aspect in contemporary Colombia society as it helps in the advancement and development of different community and attainment of global sustainable goals. However, the contemporary education system is characterized by diverse activities that either hinder social development of a child or deters children from actualizing their full potential despite the elusive notion promoted that school helps in molding a full rounded student. For instance, many Colombia schools actively intensify on the importance of extensive homework, which has been seen as a strategy of covering the syllabus and enabling students to reflects covered topics. However, homework is doing more harm than good to many students. It causes dysfunctionality among many students, stress in families, sleep deprivation, deters creativity, becomes a burden and consequently hinders students' productivity. As compared to nations like Finland which has banned homework and extended school time, many educational institutions in Colombia, South America, encourage homework. Therefore, today I would like to argue and acknowledge hat homework should not exist by to expose the diverse demerits of homework.

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The intensity of homework has been theoretically believed to help students to achieve educational success whether during the schooling period or during professional life, however, the notion is a great fallacy since homework is actively counterproductive and causes more damage to a student than help in achieving academic success. Stress-related to heavy homework leads to negative effects in a child causing less concentration and anxiety. Rather than embracing classroom learning where students feel comfortable, schools intensify on homework on complex mathematical problems which only stress students making them fail instead of pass. According the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, despite Finland banning homework and extensive schooling duration, it is ranked best compared to England and America. For instance, in the international Pisa tests, Finland was ranked 6th position in reading while the UK ranked 23rd. Finland also ranked 12th in Mathematics while the UK ranked 26th while the OECD also ranked Finland sixth position in both Mathematics and science in 2015. What value does homework adds in students' academic life? OECD has consistently acknowledged that many students do not learn any new skill or acquire new knowledge during homework sessions since it only encourages memorization of the content rather than adding value in a student's academic life.

Moreover, homework consumes much time, which regretfully prevents learners from undertaking other activities that improve their creativity. Does issuing intensive homework help achieve all educational goals and objectives? While schools are supposed to mold all rounded students, I believe giving students numerous assignments and homework prevents them from developing social skills and creativity as such traits are only attained through associations and interactions with others during free time. Do you agree that, today most students are less creative and emotionally unstable? Homework makes it difficult to balance social life, academic life and professional life for the seniors. Have you ever had a quarrel with your child over homework? Homework and assignments often cause frustration and family conflicts since many parents are forced to oblige to the school rules and force their children to do homework while during intense working days it may result in confrontation between children and their parents. Unlike in Finland, where parents trust in teachers' ability to deliver proper educational values within the classroom framework, many schools believe extra work helps students. It prevents development of vital human perceptive such as psychological and emotional development since homework only intensifies on cognitive development. With its non-rationalization and monotonous nature, encourages bad learning habits characterized by negative attitude towards learning that consequently results in low graduation rate. For instance, in Finland which has banned homework, graduating rate is at 93 while in Canada 78% and US 75%.


Conclusively, like Finland which produced the best educational elites, homework should be banned in all countries across the globe to enable students to achieve the critical objectives of education of imparting knowledge and functional contemporary skills rather than turning students into bookworms with no social skills.

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