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Date:  2021-03-29 22:45:43
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Discussion Number Two

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Discussion Question 1

I completely agree with the notion that sleep is an essential requirement for the body. Its importance goes beyond boosting moods or resting the eyeball after a long day of activity (Glovinsky & Spielman, 2006). Infants and Teenagers require adequate sleep to rest their body systems after a long day of activities. However, technology characterized by the internet, social media, and mobile phones disrupt teenagers from having an adequate sleep (Glovinsky & Spielman, 2006). I agree with the fact that without enough sleep, people feel exhausted and moody. Persistent lack of sleep results in insomnia from which people find it difficult to withdraw.

It is important that individuals take the first step towards proper health practices. Under stage three of The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, self readiness for a habit change process is necessary (Hales, 2015). I agree that the first step towards behavior change from sleeplessness precursors is to make the affected acknowledge the risks associated with insomnia. Second, the insomniac person must identify the causative habits for sleeplessness and progressively withdraw from them (Hales, 2015). As rightly indicated, embracing a healthy lifestyle should be a progressive process instead of instantaneous since it involves psychological change. Therefore, setting health goals for a person suffering from insomnia is a critical step towards persistent lifestyle change.


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Discussion Question 2

I support the essence of activity in ensuring a healthy life. It is true that lack of physical fitness makes the muscles weak and induces various inactivity-related conditions. Some of the health status resulting from inactivity include obesity, heart attack, and stroke (Greenberg, Dintiman, & Myers, 2004). These adverse health conditions often become more pronounced if inactivity intersects with poor diets. It is important to know an individuals readiness to embrace a lifestyle change and include daily fitness activities.

I agree with the use of lifestyle change models such as the Transtheoretical model to determine an individuals readiness to embrace activity as an important change. Physical fitness serves various purposes including enhancing muscular flexibility, improving the performance of body organs and building up body energy (Greenberg, Dintiman, & Myers, 2004). The specific activities involved in fitness exercise include aerobics and other forms of workouts that build the lung capacity, individuals energy and resilience to injuries. Nonetheless, it is important to for a fitness instructor to work out with clients. This involvement in the activity improves their morale to participate in long-term fitness activity. Setting flexible goals for workouts is an important way to prevent boredom and make activity more of a routine than a stressor. Reference

Greenberg, J. S., Dintiman, G. B., & Myers, O. B. (2004). Physical fitness and wellness: Changing the way you look, feel, and perform. Champaign, Ill: Human Kinetics.

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