Discussion With the OCPD Officer Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-23

Throughout my academic journey, I have realized that for one to be successful one needs a mentor, a peer or a counselor to help them articulate their goals and advise on what to do regarding their career choices. I chose the Office of personal and career development (OCPD) to be my mentor because I believe they can give me the much-needed career development advice and also help me secure my dream job. They would help me with building on my resume and what skills to improve on in my career search.

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Throughout my entire period in working on this paper, I have identified a pattern on how I have been working. I have realized that I have been consistent on the paper and I have been able to meet deadlines, and I have been able to follow the working sheet I went out of my way to ensure that I achieved the requirements of the course I discussed these with OCPD and they said it was a good pattern I had established since marketing requires persistent and consistency and creating a pattern. The OCPD my persistence and being proactive was an added advantage to my marketing skills.

We also discussed on my understanding of the course assignments and my knowledge on the correlation of the two parts of the appointment I mentioned that the portions were a crucial part to help me understand the marketing job backdrop and having the right combination. The OCPD said that it was necessary for one to have such an exercise to help one know what to expect before tendering their application to any organization. The OCPD officer told me that it was a good career move always to understand what is expected of me beforehand.

We also discussed my strengths. One of my significant powers is the ability to be proactive and think ahead of situations. I am also an independent thinker with excellent organizational skills. Excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit were my other strengths. Together with the OCPD officer, we identified that these were very crucial characteristics in marketing since one needed to stay ahead of situations and the market to be able to identify niche and gaps that needed to be filled. The officer advised that I could use my strengths to be able to come up with excellent marketing strategies and be able to use my communication and sales skills to be able to introduce new products in the market.

We discussed additional sales skills that I needed to acquire and work on. He told to work on my research skills since I needed that so much for marketing. I also had to improve on listening abilities since it turned out I was more of a talker than a listener. Improving on attitude and ability to bounce back from rejection was also something I was advised on working on.

We also discussed my resume and what to add and what to get rid of. He advised on including wordings that included my exact qualifications and also the specific job descriptions. We realized that my resume had a lot of clutter that needed to be removed to fit my job description and to make it simple yet sophisticated. Together we worked on the resume, and by the end of the day, we had a comprehensive marketable resume.


I had an excellent discussion with the OCPD officer, and from where I stand I can unequivocally say I have a clear understanding of my career choice, what I want to do and what I need to work on. I received tones of insights and advice that I intend on working on.

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