Discussion on the Current Research That Links Patient Safety Outcome to ADN and BSN Nurses

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Date:  2022-06-22

The resent studies have found out that there is a bold link between the levels of the nurse's education and the resulting patient outcome. Various research has shown that having attained high levels of nursing education results in reduced medical errors, reduced patient mortality rates, and positive health outcomes. This study aims at discussing the current research that links patient safety outcome to ADN and BSN nurses.

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The American Association of Colleges of nursing is highly focused towards creating a well-qualified nursing workforce considering that high education improves both care delivery and clinical competency. According to the research by the Journal of American nurses, for every 10% increase in nurses who have attained a bachelor degree, there is a 7% chance of a decrease in patient mortality (Cherry & Jacob 2016). Therefore, the research author concludes that increased emphasis on the nurse's bachelor's education can facilitate in reducing.

There are various health regulatory bodies are in charge of ensuring patient safety through ensuring that the nurses have attained high quality education. This is mainly achieved through the introduction of license testing to ensure that the nursing entering the fielded are competent enough. Also, there is the introduction of periodic testing mainly after three years to ensure that the nurses meet the practicing requirement and also the continuous education. According to research, the creation of compulsory continuous education and the development of workforce competence is considered essential in the future decision making (Cherry & Jacob 2016). Through making continues assessment on the nurse's competence, the regulatory bodies can provide accountability to the patients since they can ascertain that the nurse is well qualified. Also according to a study by forestland, 2008 research indicates that continuous education is essential in enhancing health outcome and the professional practices.

Personally I support the research that supports that attaining a high nursing education is essential in ensuring better treatment or health outcomes. Attaining either ADN or the BSN equips the nurses with adequate knowledge and skills to manage and treat their patients. Achieving higher nursing education is essential in improving the nursing practices in various ways that include. First, the nurses can make critical and important decisions concerning the patients care, some of this decisions may be difficult and life-changing. Advanced nursing education also helps to improve the nurse's decision-making skills. This enables them to make critical decisions about the patients and also enabling them to make difficult life-changing decisions. To attain this skill, one requires one needs a broad-based education system that that involves a wide exposure to different people. Secondly, the education helps to increase knowledge on the public health and community issues. There is also enhancement in the nursing management skills, and this is the skills that are needed to ensure that the workers do good work for the health organization and the patients.

Thirdly, higher nursing education improves one ability to connect effectively with the fellow work mate and also to identify the challenges encountered in the work environment and establishing value in each of the challenges.


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