The Impact of Innovations on Apple's Sales Staff

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Date:  2021-03-15

The report seeks to understand the impact that this innovation has had on Apple's sales staff in terms of how it has affected their sales approach; how they engage with clients, bow the strive to meet the company's objectives, and the challenges they encounter in boosting the sales of some of the most innovative products in the company.

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Purpose of the Report

The primary objective of this report is to assess the implications of Apple's constant and regular innovations on the sales staff in the company's stores. Apple is one of the most innovative companies in the world. The company has a long list of highly innovative brands, most of which were designed and developed under the leadership of the late Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steve Jobs. While initially, the company centered on producing innovative brands of computers known as the MacBook, Apple has gone on to launch numerous other products including the MacBook family of laptops, the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, and more recently, the Apple Watch.

All these innovative products have been well received in the market, growing the company's global reach with every new product that it unleashes. However, since innovations are often seen as disruptive to the status quo, it is necessary to examine how these innovations affect the sales staffs of Apple, who have to deal with the customers directly on first hand. The sales personnel of the company are highly trained individuals found on some of the company's leading stores globally. A major challenge for them is having to keep abreast with the innovations the company launches so that they can be in a position to relay the right information to customers. While there is a lot of information and studies about the innovative nature of the Apple Company and its products, there is not much information about how these innovations affect its staff, most notably the sales staff. The report will specifically focus on studying how one of the company's innovations, the Apple Watch has impacted on the company's sales staff in different Apple stores worldwide. Besides, the paper is based on Apple and its staff. Apple is the leading innovative company globally with its brands known worldwide. The company also has a massive pool of human resources located in many of its offices and retail stores around the world. Thus, Apple forms the best case study for understanding how innovation affects the employees, especially the sales staff.

Objectives of the Report

The report's primary objective is to understand how the company's innovative products affect the sales approach used by the sales personnel of the Apple Company. Specifically, the report will seek to address the following objectives;

Analyzing the challenges that the sales staff of Apple encounter when selling new products

Demystifying the nature and characteristics of Apple products, which make them innovative and complicated for the sales staff

Assessing the impact of Apple's preferred style of launching its new products on the ability of the sales personnel selling the new products

Theoretical background

As one of the most innovative companies in the world, Apple has launched numerous innovative products over the years, most of which have been well received in the market. However, these in ovations often affect how the company's sales staff interact with clients and how the strategies in line with ongoing developments and improvement on existing products and well as new products in development. Thus, this paper seeks to find out how the companys latest innovation, Apple Watch, has impacted on the firms sales staff in its stores worldwide.

Innovation is one of the main factors driving business processes in the contemporary business environment. Companies must be innovative in the manner in which they design and develop their products to meet the demands and preferences of their customers. While innovation is good and positive for business development, solving emerging problems, and improving the quality of life as well as fast-tracking the process of globalization, it is often seen as a disruptive process. Individuals have different responses to innovation and innovative products (Thomke, & Reinertsen, 2012). Besides, the innovative products also affect the company's employees regarding how they express the company's goals and objectives to the external world as they engage with customers and clients of their firms.

The report will be a theoretical report that will be based on some theories on innovation. These theories will be critical in understanding innovation, its impact in the society, and how it affects different people. This will be vital in forming the basis of this report as it seeks to understand how innovations affect the sales staff in Apple's stores concerning how they approach their sales.

Feasibility Study

This study presents a massive business opportunity for Apple and other innovative companies globally. While most companies engage in an innovation process with the main focus on how the innovation affects the customers and how the customers respond to the new products and services (Ritter &Gemunden, 2004). However, very few companies tend to address the issues on how the innovation can affect some of its staff, especially the sales staff. This is important because innovation has a massive impact on the staff of an organization. If they are not able to relate with the innovation and merge it with the company's direction and overall vision, it is more likely that the innovation will not be a success when it goes out to the market. There have been many innovative companies in the past with great business ideas, but they failed because they did not address this question of how the employees can respond and react to innovation (Ritter &Gemunden, 2004). Therefore, this study is very much feasible for companies because it outlines the significance of one of the most overlooked aspects of managing innovations.

The businesses also have to facilitate the process of dif...

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