Critikal Thinking on Bananas Injected with HIV-Infected Blood

Paper Type:  Critical thinking
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Wordcount:  511 Words
Date:  2021-06-21

Doubter: Hey, that is impossible. What could be the reason or motivate of such actions?

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Defender: Many people have been using foodstuff to spread HIV/AIDs, and it is believed some person living with HIV have become paranoia to extend they are injecting fruits such as orange and bananas to spread the virus. It is crucial for you to be checking your bananas and oranges before consuming them ("Bananas Injected with HIV-Infected Blood," 2017).

Doubter: I think this not true. But if true, why would someone make this assumption? [Socratic, 2b]

Defender: The disease can be spread through foodstuffs, and that is why people are discouraged from sharing food with an infected folk.

Doubter: Do have a comprehensive knowledge of what you are talking about?

Defender: Yeah, have read this in so many online articles. Moreover, several people have posted about the bananas they bought and found injected with blood.

Doubter: What made you come to a conclusion that the discoloration in the bananas was blood?

Defender: According to the individuals, who had posted these images, they had to take the reddish banana to a lab, and the technicians concluded that it was human blood.

Doubter: Do not believe everything you find on the internet. For accurate information, you have to rely on credible sources.

Defender: Do you mean that some information on the internet is not relevant?

Doubter: In some cases, everybody can post his/her personal opinion. Have scientist proved that HIV viruses could be spread through bananas?

Defender: After all, there is no other logic explanation why an individual would inject a banana with his blood.

Doubter: The discoloration in the blood could have been caused by a kind of fungal rot. Reliable sources such as New Yorker articles have been talking about a deadly fungus that is destroying millions of bananas. According to the scientist, the banana turns to black, brown, or blood-red.

Defender: Many companies that sell HIV drugs can do anything to protect their source of wealth.

Doubter: Are you assuming that scientists can be lured to report false information for some tokens? [Socratic 2a].

Defender: Am just skeptical, how comes when they start to report such information there has been increasing cases of bananas with such discoloration. At the same time cases of HIV/AIDs have been rising tremendously.

Doubter: Have grocery stores responded about the claim?

Defender: No, they might be working in collaboration with the scientists and HIV drug dealers.

Doubter: Those are just mere assumptions. How can you verify that assumption? [Socratic 2e]. Defender: I have no reason to doubt such crucial information.

Doubter: Scientists have asserted that HIV cannot be spread through sharing food and after the viruses have been exposed to open air they die with a few seconds (" Bananas Injected with HIV-Infected Blood," 2017).

Defender: How do I know? Am not a scientist!

Doubter: You need to do a lot of research.

Defender: Okay fine, I need more time to find real evidence.

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