How Diseases Affect The Population Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-15

1. Reason For Population Decreasing Or Increase

The reason for population decrease in Canada includes factors such as high mortality rate and low birth rate. Causes of high mortality rate include diseases such as heart, cerebrovascular cancer, respiratory diseases and cancer which are associated with smoking and air pollution. The other reason causes of high mortality rate are accidents. The low birth rate is common in developed countries. This is associated with an improved standard of living and affluence among people and hence easy access to medical care thus birth control becoming the common factor .In Canada and a lot of developed countries, children are regarded as financial liabilities this posing a threat to population growth.

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Kenya's high population increase is determined by factors such as social economic, religious and cultural beliefs, lack of sex education and ignorance. The social economic consideration indicates that high population and most children are an asset to the community and are a source of labor. The religious and cultural beliefs dictate that having a big family and raising more children is a God's commandment. Lack of sex education among young girls is also a major factor of high population. Lastly, ignorance has been the main factor whereby individuals are ignorant about family planning methods.

2. How Diseases Affect The Population

Human population around the world is growing and requiring a lot more space of food production. However, emerging diseases are thus increasing leading to death and large cost to society. ,There are factors which are the major causes of this diseases emergence. They include globalization, climate change, and urbanization. One of the diseases that have affected the human population in the world and mostly in African countries is HIV/ AIDS. This disease is considered as the fourth world killer and one of Africa's leading death cause. The current trend indicates that HIV/ AIDS through incapacitating and killing adults derails development and undercutting human security thus leading to life expectancy's dramatic decline in affected countries. Research suggests that this epidemic has a major influence on the trend of child mortality and infant. It also indicates that rising and high mortality has slowed the human population growth and reduced population size cases. In the sub, Saharan Africa research shows that newly infected people are between ages of 15-24 and women being 67 %. A lot of this women dies even before giving birth. (Angelo, 2003).

3.The Toxins Present In The Environment That Impact Human Health

Canada is known for cannabis production which is both for export and domestic use.This drug is associated with depression, psychosis , breathing, and respiratory problems. This respiration problem includes asthma aggravation. Use of this drug during pregnancy may affect a child's cognitive functioning and mental health.

Kenya has a high rate of infectious disease where the degree of risk is considered to be high . The infectious diseases include Food and water diseases that are brought about by protozoal diarrhea, typhoid and hepatitis A virus and bacteria. The other classification of infectious diseases is vector-borne that include malaria. The other classifications of diseases include animal and water contact diseases which includes rabies and schistosomiasis .


Angelo, V. (2003). HIV/AIDS, Population and Sustainable Development. Cadernos De Estudos Africanos, (4), 99-120. doi: 10.4000/cea.1562

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