Creativity in Coca-Cola Taste the Feeling Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29


Running unified brand marketing strategy makes creativity an integral aspect. Such is evident in the Coca-Cola "Taste the Feeling" campaign. It places the Coca-Cola products at the heart of the creativity with actors emphasizing a pleasurable experience to drink. Contrary to the emphasis on aspiration of the brand stance in "Open Happiness" advertisements, the new campaign places focus on the product (Moye, 2016, p. 4). It blends imagery around functional and emotional aspects in the universal stories all centered on the product expressive and core values as the simple pleasure.

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The pleasure humbly recited in the campaign reminds target individuals reasons they love the Coca-Cola product as they associate with the brand. Humility in the commercials appears in the compelling storytelling depicting ordinary moments. The advertisements feature everyday moments including a first kiss, love, and date (Ghosh, 2016, p. 13). The placement of coke in the commercials reveals the greatness of Coca-Cola products in the pleasure experienced by consumers.

How does Don Draper, Aldi and Ryan Air Link to Marketing Theory?

Marketing theory argues that positioning of products and services should align with consumers' belief that they need them and that such guarantee specific benefit. Its application is evident in Aldi commitment to creating an appealing brand aligned with great value and quality. Openness to fresh ideas and new perspectives enable Aldi to become even better. Its identity demand efficient and supreme management to enable the brand to satisfy the consumers' desire. Such involves conducting super training to enable employees to tackle mind-stretching challenges in the retail sector. The process makes Aldi better, fresh and unique.

Ryan Air commercial section handles real development of product and services using a marketing unit tasked with identifying the needs of the target environment. It allows Ryan Air to reboot its customer services evident through business plus, family extra and second carry-on bag additions (Rogers, 2017, p. 3). Ryan air innovation lab has within its heart to become good digitally as it appears cost-wise and operations. Its exciting technology emerges as its flight operations Ryan Air uses to monitors millions of passengers. The flight operations unit tracks arrivals, cancellation, diversions, and departures to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. It reinforces a common-sense approach to stay agile and stand out from rivals.

Jack Ma, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg: How do their leadership style influence their marketing approach answer as Human resource management?

Jack Ma leadership reflects an acknowledgment of insufficiencies in operations that sway operations from the ideal path. He confidently raises above the average chief executives to influence people to build things that would place them on the map. His devotion to success enabled him to set successfully. He shows the belief that people are the source of breakthrough ideas only if they retain strong eye to the primary objective (Tobel, 2017, p. 5). The addition of shows influence to optimize investment using home-based advantages.

Jack Ma leadership emphasizes that every individual should have a dream that propels one to build an empire. His influences spread beyond ecommerce and Chinese users to target overseas audience. His approach manifests alignment with the available resources to convince others to believe in the shared vision (MacLellan, 2017, p. 3). The journey to the sustenance of performance demonstrates that it requires beyond sharing a naked vision and charisma but the optimal positioning of the brand.

Richard Branson leadership emphasize the principle of making the positive influence in business and social projects. His influence seeks delivery beyond playing the game but introducing changes for good (Schwantes, 2017, p. 7). His focus on business success requires him to assemble the right team to realize the dream. He influences individuals to do things differently and nurture a superior entrepreneurial input. He commits to assembling a team whose members have remarkable entrepreneurial ideas to tackle tough challenges in the world. His leadership influences a culture to break the taboo and accommodate changes in processes that do not solve the challenge and realize success (Schawbel, 2014, p. 5). The realization obligates knowledge of one's capability and what others can to deliver the best.

Mark Zuckerberg leadership emphasizes sharing what empowers people to realize their potential to create an open and connected world. The approach guided Facebook to evolve into the largest image and information sharing platform. The realized success emerges from the assembly of the capable team whose delivery expanded exponentially (Roos, 2013, p. 555; Chris, 2015, p. 5). Zuckerberg holds that numbers rarely matter through good indicators of achievement. Instead, success lies in the brand that has the impact in empowering the target audience. It manifests in the commitment to create a platform more social, smarter and personalized to make it better.


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