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Uniqlo has been an exporter of its brand of the Japanese low-costly and quality casual-wear all over the world. Uniqlo is a retail company that has steadily changed from a Japanese chain to a Global apparel territory. The company has cautiously repositioned and has been attractive to wider multicultural clients with no loss of its Japanese consumers an aspect that has glanced with a technological way of communicating with the consumers, and the case of clothing designs. The company executive has been dedicated toward transforming the company and makes it successful and competes fairly (Zhao and Balague 307). The company used to manufacture in China and sold the products in Japan and it has considered manufacturing in the world and market around the world. This is a transition that entails international brand recognition with the reflection of needs to compete with the large competitors such as H&M and Inditex. Uniqlo offers its products at reasonable prices. This paper is about how Uniqlo expand the company globally and what makes company to become globally expansion.

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First of all, the advertisement towards multicultural became popular because of the influence of digital marketing. A combination of web and emphasizing much on sound and image will be tremendously powerful while coming up with international campaigns. Uniqlo maintains the innovative vision of digital field which was initiated in 2007 after Uniqlo took the Uniqlock online advert. This viral marketing plan was to create international awareness and it had to feature a clock with slivered snips of well composed catchy and dancing sprawl music with timing to match the ticking. During that time, Uniqlock and web tool were considered as quite advanced. It incorporated the blog doohickey where the clock was entrenched to the blog sites. With the marked success of "Uniqlock" entailing digital elements of the company advertising campaigns has remained significant. By the time of releasing Uniqlock, the company campaigns were digital. Uniqlo jump campaign by the company utilized idiosyncratic video and audio for advertising the firm winter/autumn collections.

The company employees all over the world were photographed while jumping with the new collections and the films and images were shared via Youtube, Flickr, and other blog posts before launching of the company official marketing site. The company digital marketing department is in full pace with campaigns having the capacity to take sale-driving elements and brand-building (Zhao and Balague 311). Through digital presence, Uniqlo has attracted customer engagement with a shift of adverts from payable media to owned media. Eventually, those strategies will be effective in a manner the brand will increase strengthen the relationship with the consumers (Queiroz and Oliveira). There was the simple web-connected with the company online retail sites in the UK, US, China, and Korea together with TV adverts. The site feature attractive catwalk that allows the web users have a capacity of exploring the cloth range worn by models. The web has been able to develop personal fashion experience and with few clicks via online retail store for customers in China, Europe, Korea and Japan spotting model clothed with something attractive.

Second, the demographic segmentation is another reasons for why Uniqlo become successful company while, other company has the specific target, Uniqlo provides the wide range of clothes for customers between the age of 15 to 40. Basically they sell the casual T-shirts, casual clothes, and formal clothes for special occasion. Uniqlo was able to approach various generations as a target easily. Their marketing was based on for younger generations. However, the age seems like doesnot matter that much and their target tend to all generation who are willing to wear the casual and comfort clothes. In the past, major target of Uniqlo mostly for young generation however, the reason they sell the closes of for everyone is because they want everyone to wear the different clothes. According to the official website of Uniqlo, Yanaimentioned that "Uniqlo clothes are meant to be worn by everyone. Uniqlo collaborate with designers and celebrities to produce limited edition collections, including PharrelWIllims, Philip Lim, Theory and Christophe Lemaire. "(Uniqlo, org ,2017) As I explain this quote, Uniqlo doesn't have particular target for the clothes and the clothes are made for everyone. Thus, Uniqlo's clothes are loved by everyone. Uniqlo does not target a specific market although they already possess a brand identity. The company makes use of the local aesthetics as a focal identity for their products. The Japanese modest can be best described as modest and unadorned. Uniqlo brings on board the "shun" and "kino-bi" concepts in their segmentation. "shun" basically, means that the trend should have the best timing. It should not be too early or too late. "kino-bi" means that a combination of beauty and function has to be brought together in a rational organization. The three segments that Uniqlo targets are the behavioral segmentation, demographic segmentation and psychographic segmentations. Under demographic segmentation, Uniqlo offers a variety of textiles for its customers. The textiles vary from casual wears to formal wears. With the wide range of variables, Uniqlo, therefore, approaches target markets with ease. Most times, the target is on the younger generation that is more inclined to fashion trends, without having to spend too much on the same. Gender segmentation for Uniqlo is evenly matched since the textiles for different genders are separated on sections for ease of access.

Third, the quality of their clothes is the reason that became successful. Most of the clothing store sells the clothes that have their own logo such as Hollister, Abercrombie Fitch, and Polo in order to keep their brand higher. However, Uniqlo doesn't sell the clothes that has logo because Uniqlo sell the product that is useful for our dailylife, Uniqlo uses the unique material, developed by Uniqlo and Toray industries, which keeps body heat for example, Uniqlo introduced the heat-tech clothes for special seasons. For example, Uniqlo produced the clothes which is for summer. These clothes protect you from the sun and keep you cold. Also, they introduced the clothes which keep you warm during winter. Uniqlo's heat tech clothes are successful because this is the jacket that everyone desired for a long time. According to the independent, "Collection made especially for Uniqlo by designer Jill Sander, released 1st October 2009. In the words of Calgary Avansino, "Her look is classic and simple, but also cutting edge in the way she cuts and presents her clothes" (The Independent, 2009). Thus, Uniqlo produced the products that other company don't create that help people's living life. Uniqlo has over a decade produced quality clothes that are hard to find anywhere else. Their products are made to last for several seasons, and still maintain the shape that they were originally bought in, neither stretching or shrinking. Uniqlo have perfect fitting outfit that neither restrict body movements nor distort. The quality of their fabric does not easily fade away with time after either washing it severally or wearing it occasionally. Their clothes quality does not have to keep people worried about ripping off after wearing them a couple of times and buttons that pop out. These qualities of their clothes definitely attract a huge lot of customers into buying their fabric, a big secret to the company's success story.However, their clothing design may effect to the international marketing. According to Connie yang's ,"Why uniqlo may soon become the ikea of clothes" by Connie Young, Yanai Tadashi has revealed that "We as a company don't chase fashion. It's partially a Japanese thing - everything has a purpose and an intellectuality"("Is uniqlo the ikea of clothes?"). Every year Uniqlo make their original design. However, they always try to make it simple. For example ,Uniqlo uses simple colors such as navy, black, gray, and cream. Furthermore, the uses of color to be one of the reason that they successes internationally.


In conclusion, Uniqlo became a global apparel industry and continued to be a success because of the way they marketing, importance of deciding the target, and quality of their clothes. Digital marketing makes people to get access to the website so that customer can buy the products more than before. Don't have specific segmentation makes customer to get a lot of product because all generation have an opportunity to buy the products. Finally quality of the products got people's attention since they create the technique that other store doesn't provide. Indeed, the strategy at Uniqlo is the continuous domestic, global expansion, and affordable which led to the best retail clothing store in the world.

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