Competitive Advantage with Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-11-06


The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) is recognized as the highest presidential honor for quality performance excellence in the US. The biggest advantage of receiving the quality award would be, to enhance the reputation of the organization which will influence the company to achieve a competitive advantage in the market industry. Quality excellence also motivates the company to achieve high-quality standards in all sectors of organizational operations.

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Quality Award Recognition

Receiving quality award recognition, consequently, improves the total quality of production in an organization. Total quality is achieved through quality leadership operations. The management of an organization that has received a quality award will, therefore, incorporate high-quality standards in every sector of the organization and thus achieve total quality output from the business activities of the enterprise. Total quality output is vital in the successful realization and competitive advantage of the company.

Organizations that are associated with the production of poor quality output have a limited customer base. These organizations have a small share of the market industry because consumers have a behavior of maximizing utility at the lowest cost possible (Guskova & Sterlikov, 2017). Research studies conducted in the UAE hotel industry also concluded that consumers are attracted to companies that produce quality products (Mohamad et al., 2017). Poor quality organizations, therefore, face stiff market competition which could result in failure of the business organization.


I believe quality standards in all the operations of an organization are critical because of the high level of competition in the current global market. Industries are actively competing for customers who struggle to maximize their utility. According to Neirotti & Pesce (2019), the use of technology has allowed creativity and innovation in information and computer technology which has improved quality production in business organizations. I would, therefore, recommend the senior leadership of our organization to improve in their ICT sector to enhance the quality of the production. The use of computers reduces human error and thus achieves the desired output production that can allow the company to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.


Guskova, M. F., & Sterlikov, F. F. (2017, September). Development of the principles of the quality management system which based on the economic theory of value. In 2017 International Conference" Quality Management, Transport and Information Security, Information Technologies"(IT&QM&IS) (pp. 422-424). IEEE.

Mohamad, H. A. D., Ab Yazid, M. S., Khatibi, A., & Azam, S. F. (2017). Measuring the mediating role of customer satisfaction between service quality and customer loyalty in UAE hotel industry. European Journal of Management and Marketing Studies.

Neirotti, P., & Pesce, D. (2019). ICT-based innovation and its competitive outcome: the role of information intensity. European Journal of Innovation Management.

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