Cox Simulation Reflection Assignment

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Date:  2022-11-22


The Cox simulation is one of the best ways of internalizing lessons learned during the experiences. Cox simulation is not only memorable but also engaging thereby enabling the nurses to make professional decision, informed choices and interact as if they are in a real life practice setting. During the Cox simulation, we realized the importance of inter-professional communication and collaborative skills in optimizing patient outcomes. As multi-discipline team, communication could have been problems had we not had a lesson on inter-professional communion and collaboration skills. We managed to overcome many hiccups because we had been trained on that.

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The Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety help the team in communicating and collaborations. Our team Knowledge, skills and attitude competences was useful for effective communication and collaboration especially in the emergency department where team were responding to a crisis, the team case orientation helped the team to develop a unity of direction in crisis . We made inquires and assessed the patient then communicated our team' proposal and gave out constructive feedbacks. Team leadership, performances monitoring, backup behaviors, adaptability as well as mutual trust helped the team to share information, admit mistakes anticipate each other's needs and engage in preparatory meetings and feedback sessions. Inter-professional team communication helped the team members develop and implement care plans because of the acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA)

Professionalism and Christian Sare

The hallmark of nursing care is holistic nursing. As a religious person, I often engaged the other nurses to practice their faith and encourage the patients to share their religious views. The team easily agreed to adopt the holistic nursing because the patient in case was a Christian who believed that healing came from God. We fused work with prayer and openly shared our faith with the patients. To heal the whole personal, the mind, body and spirit must be healed. Unity, wellness and the general relationship of human being and their immediate environment must be in harmony. As a team, we implemented evidence-based research based on defined standards of practice. Our philosophy of living was based on caring, relationship and interconnectedness.

The team used nursing Knowledge's, theories as well as expertise to recognize the patient needs and care for the totality of the patience is being. We natured wellness, peace, and healing though values the patient's physical, optional and spiritual strengths. We honored the patient's values, and health beliefs. One particularly patient was of Jehovah witness faith and we had to implement his wish by not giving him blood transfusion. We respected his religious values in the process of assessment, diagnosis, care planning and interventions. We often prayed with the patient and in some days the team allowed her to lead us in prayer.

Influence of the Simulation Experiences on Nursing Practices

The simulating experiences will play central role in the nursing practices. There were many tenets of nursing that was touched by the simulation exercise. The most important was patient care, followed by interdisciplinary team communicant and care planning. Through the simulation, I learned how to develop effective team chemistry and I improve patient outcomes. I also learned how to improve team communication by developing a seamless communication strategy driven by both transparency and trust. As for deregulation, I learned that delegation comes with responsibility and authority. Work can only be delegated to competent team members.

Priority patient are patient that need immediate care. Mr. X was critical patient who had just been involved in road accident. He was bleeding profully and loosing blood. He required immediate blood transfusion but we could not agree to blood transfusion. The priority 1 patient had a life threatening injury requires immediate medical attention or referral to other better facilities. The new nursing intervention was to stop blood loss and make him stay awake as we looked for abloom donor whom we found. The team under the tutelage of the hospital triage nurse, evaluated by his condition send developed an immediate care plan. Stopping the blood loss was given priority because blood lose would have lead to adverse outcomes.

My main areas of strength are analytical thinking and teamwork. I helped the team achieve the simulation goals by insuring constructive discourse during the simulation, and used by analytical skills and thinking to develop solutions to various patient care problems. My attention to details helped the team in uncovering, loopholes and mistakes in our simulation, care planning and patient evaluations. Through organizational skills, I managed to influences the team members in planning care, setting priority, team management and delegating duties.f. Description of how will strengthen your areas of weakness.

Even though my area of weakness seems adequate for me now, I anticipate changes in the work environment. I foresee changes in technology adoption which means that I have to prepare for the future chippings in the work setting. I have to improve my communicational and interpersonal skills to communicate and collaborate better in the future work settings. I need to learn how to develop flexibility because the future changes will be both volatile and discontinues. Being flexible will help me in adaptation fasters to the future work environments.

If You Could Repeat This Experience, What Would You Do Different? Why?

f I could repeat the experiences, I would apply theory in practice more. I would also create new avenues for inquiry to guide nursing research. Finally, I would also influence the team to invest more of their time in clinical and action research as well as in praxis and nursing education. Cox simulation is the best way of understanding nursing practices but preparation before the simulation exercise is necessary to help in effective decision-making.

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