COVID-19 in NYC: How My Life Changed in the Pandemic - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-10


At the moment, the whole world is in the fight for our lives against the coronavirus. When New York City reported the pandemic, I knew it was prepared for the worst. This paper discusses, New York City during the pandemic, how life under it has affected me, how the virus was handled, the system that did well, and the improvement of the health care that could have aided the response.

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Since the breakout of COVID -19, lives have changed. It has affected everyone people including myself. It has affected almost all aspects of my life ranging from social life to mental, not being able to see and speak to friends. Closure of schools has affected my learning, sitting all alone, and attending classes online is the norm. Not being able to see, interact, and brainstorm with my peers like we used to, is just the new lifestyle. I feel a total disconnection from society and friends. My mind is on the dark side of life. Every day, I ask myself “for how long will my life be on pause”? How long is this pandemic going to last, is it years or is it just a couple of months. My mind is filled with thoughts, virtual clubs and meetings are not enough to share, spend time, and hang-out with friends. It is the new normal now. I got so much energy I am holding and a desire to release it outside and engage in social activities. Thoughts fill my mind, drawing me to the dark side of life, depression knocking doors. My life is just a whole lot of a mess, it is not life anymore.

The frontline workers in New York City, the health department, the Governor Mr. Andrew Cuomo, and all stakeholders showed great efforts. The guidelines to combat coronavirus were employed and this led to faster eradication and handling of the pandemic. Several measures to curb the virus, include social distancing, closure of schools, a large number of employees working from home, limiting social gatherings, canceling concerts, soccer matches, and many religious gatherings. Essential services remained at stake to continue in operation. The measures played a great role in combating the virus, for example, limiting large social gatherings reduced the spread of the coronavirus by reducing contact among individuals. Working from home led to businesses and organizations adopting new ways of working and laying down employees to reduce costs. New technologies were developed that enabled working from home effective, online learning for students also played led to innovations and discovery of new ideas.

Some sections or areas faced laxity during this epidemic, despite being essential, were left behind. The food outlets being closed and transit systems being limited led to a total loss for the operators. An improvement would have been made in terms of, enabling home deliveries for food and beverages to homes as per orders made by customers online and this to be delivered by the transport sector. Despite fewer profits that they would make, at least it is not zero or no profit at all.

The healthcare system was all on look as it is the critical sector handling the pandemic. There should have been improvements in the provision of equipment that was needed to help the front line workers. The supply of ventilators was delayed, with the president, arguing with the governor on the urgent need. There was less space in hospitals, prompting the need for the society to have prepared for such pandemics early enough. (Breazzano. et al, 2020). Another area of improvement includes the use of new and improved technology to incorporate the existing one to spread information about the virus and educate people on the pandemic. New architectural designs for hospitals should be adopted in such a manner that the structure allows the division of hospitals into sections where there is no congestion, reduced physical contact among people, and reduced time for patient attendance.


In conclusion, the coronavirus pandemic in New York created both adverse and positive effects. This has enabled the creation of new ideas and improvements in sectors of the economy. Change is inevitable, new measures and ways of handling businesses have been adopted. Personal life has enabled the discovery of a new self and self-improvement.


Breazzano, M. P., Shen, J., Abdelhakim, A. H., Glass, L. R. D., Horowitz, J. D., Xie, S. X., ... & Chen, R. W. (2020). Resident physician exposure to novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV, SARS-CoV-2) within New York City during the exponential phase of COVID-19 pandemic: Report of the New York City Residency Program Directors COVID-19 Research Group.

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