Committing to the Demands and Responsibilities of a Nursing Program

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Date:  2022-07-15

Nurses are caregivers who work with the patients, families and the society to offer medical support. A nursing program is a crucial training platform that ensures all potential nurses gain the relevant skills and knowledge to handle the diverse needs of patients. It increases pressure on the promising nurses as they try to catch up with the learning sessions, familiarising with the modern technologies in the field, learning the procedures and meeting personal and professional expectations. Effecting planning is vital in ensuring that the program's demands and responsibilities do not feel they are too much. A fully committed nursing student manages to gain competency and the capability to attend to all the located duties and therefore, I am prepared to commit myself to this journey.

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Creating a schedule is vital in managing time since it gives directions on what to and where to be at a particular time. By establishing and keeping a plan, I will be able to ensure that I attend to all responsibilities associated with the program. A nursing program is likely to encompass a lot of events and therefore requiring a particular kind of organization. Trying to balance between the curriculum and personal and social life may be problematic. However, with a precise schedule, I will be able to live a healthy life. Time management skills are crucial to the growth of a nursing student and as a practitioner.

Finding a mentor will avail the required guidelines to get through the program. Nursing is a diverse field that requires enough preparations to meet the expectations. I understand that by finding a mentor, I will have someone who can always offer guidance in every situation and whom I can turn to whenever I am facing challenges or in need of help with my studies. After successful completion of the program, the mentor can be helpful in guiding where to look for jobs, how to appear for the interviews and what to generally expect in the practical field and giving recommendations on potential employers (Kaihlanen, Riitta-Liisa and Leena 420).

Familiarizing with the relevant technologies is an effective way of committing to the demands and responsibilities of a nursing program. Technology is growing fast, and so is the nursing practice. The developments are a source of a wide range of information which will help in maintaining good performance throughout the course and keeping up-to-date with the changes in the field. Due to the growth of the internet and development of high-quality devices the nature of nursing practice is changing (Kvedar, Molly and Wendy 196). Nurses are adopting relevant machines to promote their practice while scholars in the field publish articles and journals online. All this understanding facilitated by technology will allow me to gain access to ideas related to the content taught in the course and thus expanding my knowledge.


As a nurse in the making, I am prepared to make all the required sacrifices to ensure that I gain as much as possible from the program. I understand that succeeding in this is not smooth but with determination, hard work and the best help I will make it. The practice demands the ability to critically think and establish decisions that are helpful to the people seeking services. I will dedicate my time to this program in ensuring that I develop these skills and learn how to use them effectively. The program is a platform for me to achieve my dream of helping and giving back to the society.

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