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Starting with an answer on the question of what is a historical identification, historical identification involves the extensive analysis of the particular event, person or term that usually occurred a long or short period ago. It gives the exact date of the individual's life or term that is recognized and appreciated in modern society. Further the historical identification offers a series of events before, by then present and after the life of the term or the person and how it is remarkably important in a particular generation. Historical figures identification of Harvey Milk, Michael Jackson, and the Bush Doctrine put into revelation.

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Harvey Milk Significance

Who was Harvey Milk? Fundamentally, Harvey as American politician came the first citizen of United States of America to win in an open manner an election as a gay politician in the year 1977 (John M pg 142). Milk was elected as supervisor in San Francisco after recently migrating from New York City. Interestingly, in the United States of America, the culture dictates that no bisexual activities are legalized in the whole ancient communities, and in any case, anyone who was involved in the act was considered as guilty and faced the law. But before Harvey Milk rose to power as the city supervisor, the American citizens who were involved in bisexual and oral sex ranging from lesbians to gays were arrested by the police and taken for trial. In 1973, the number of gays and lesbians increased in United States tremendously which was followed by unsuccessful demonstrations for their rights.

Also, after the assassination of Milk Harvey, the whole city of San Francisco was in agony for losing the freedom fighter of the rights of the people. Harvey was considered as an open minded man who could stand for the rights of his people. Besides the city`s agony, many organizations decided to give special attributes for the better changes in their societies that were experienced during his regime. Harvey Milk streets in the United States were named after his burial, the Gay Democratic Club of San Francisco also decides to give tribute to Harvey by renaming the club to Democratic Club Harvey Milk Memorial Gay On the other side, many ships has been named to honor him. (John Mack, pg 56). Harvey is most remembered for being the first politician to openly stand to support the gay family in the US from which the current rights of gays and lesbians have been built upon.

Michael Jackson Significance

Michael Jackson an American Singer, songwriter and philanthropist who over some years remained to be the best artist. Jackson started his early music in the United States as a result of self-motivation and desire to better the life of his family. At the beginning of the 1970s, Michael claims to have been mocked by his colleagues over the fat nose and also his father Jackson set a strong discipline on him. Over the years Michael continued to change and transform the art of music with new video concepts and outfits. He is remembered for his Thriller album that refined all the best moves in the music. During early 1988 was appreciated by the MTV video Vanguard award winner and later late 1990, he was awarded MTV Vanguard Award Artist of the year and other many awards before his death on 7th July 2009.

What is Michael Jackson remembered for? Also, Michael Jackson changed the music industry with new genres and different vocals that made him stand out from other artists. Further, is remembered for entertaining the entire world with a new taste of music that motivated many upcoming artists. In the recent activities Michael is an icon in the music industry confirming that despite all tagging the criticism of rape and bisexual accusations during his regime, one can always stand out in his or her career. He is further remembered for influencing wider areas ranging from fashion, voice vocals, music videos and fame positively in general, a thing no one had ever managed to show before.

Bush Doctrine Historical Significance

What was the Bush doctrine? The doctrine has been defined as the principles of strategy, decisions of effective policies and a set of rationale that are used to guide the US`s foreign policies that was generated from Wolfowitz doctrine of 1992 (John Murrin pg 188). The doctrine specified immediate actions for threats against a particular insecurity threat to the nation. The United States of America has self-interests that govern their objectives whenever they get into an international policy. The policies of the US are formulated each time each new president gets into office so as to suit his or her ruling objectives and plans for the nation.

On the other hand, previously the United States had never made a move to attack the countries that harbor the terrorists, but after the Bush doctrine, the United States has been seen to attack countries like Afghanistan that have harbor criminals of injustice and terrorism. Also, the United States have confronted the terrorists before the fully rise to cause harm. The Doctrine of Bush and the neoconservative ideologies has come into agreement that the US can entangle in a universal conflict of interests stuck between the western values of freedom and the extremism that can demolish them . Further, the United States consider conflict as a creed where the US should be held responsible for security and be a world leader by actively being on the lookout for the enemies and also changing those countries who are supporting enemies.


In conclusion, historical identification of a term or a person gives a full understanding of a particular event or era, the activities before and after the era, the person's life or doctrine and significantly gives a distinction of the impact of the specific period or person.

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