Consumer Purchase Decision Model Essay

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Date:  2022-08-23

Wuhan, the city I live in, is ranked one of the poorest run cities in China. This means that professionalism in the leadership agenda in my city is below average. After high school, the need to resolve the ineffective leadership in Wuhan drew my attention. I decided to pursue a college degree that educates on the ways to maintain governance. I was sure with the degree; I would aid in battling the inefficient administration systems in Wuhan. I started weighing the options of studying in one of the prominent universities abroad. The benefit was that I would have a very high chance of getting a job easily than most local university graduates. The challenge came about when I totaled the expenses including the tuition fees, plus the risk involved with international students.

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When still on my high school program, I attended forums that guided students on the best courses to pursue. These discussions had a list of schools that offered leadership courses, from the most preferable to the least. I remember seeing the University of Illinois Springfield in some of the lists provided in the forums. I never had any information about the university, not until I attended the guidance on courses. That was when I realized that UIS is one of the world class universities that tutor on leadership and public service.

The interest I had for changing the leadership grew every moment I witnessed mishandled activities in Wuhan. My need to resolve the problem was too high. Therefore, I asked around my family and friends about the efficiency of UIS leadership programs. I got responses from some of my graduated friends, claiming that the university produces the best students who make a change in society. Extending my research a notch higher, I decided to participate in the Top Universities forum that had the UIS' performance in their discussions. Most people in the forum vouched for the school's achievements in molding the best leaders. Severally, I watched videos online from speakers that recommended universities with excellent reputations on their education systems. While still on YouTube, I saw advertisements about the University of Illinois Springfield that triggered my interest.

On my search for a top university, I had to use the Consumer Purchase Decision Model to make a suitable solution after evaluating the process. First, I had to recognize the need for proper education that would help me make a change in Wuhan. In the need recognition stage, I had to discover the problem that drove me to decide on the best choices. The leadership inefficiency in my city was worrying. The fact that the best schools were abroad and that they were a bit expensive was also a hindrance to my decision process. The second step was to choose one suitable option among the best choices. This involves inquiring about the institutions from personal, public and marketer based sources. My search for the pertinent information was to validate the efficiency of the services offered by the schools. After collecting the right information, I proceeded with the process of evaluating the competitive alternatives. I researched the institutions that provide quality education on leadership. The University of Illinois Springfield stood out from the list I had, and so I settled for it as the best institution for my need. I went forward to the next process of purchasing the product; in my case enrolling with the school. The final stage is my behavior after paying for IUS' tuition fees. I am compelled to express how I feel about their educational services. My evaluation of the institution is essential for the feedback segment to let other interested members know if the school offers quality services.


I used the compensatory model of the decision making process in choosing to attend UIS. The compensatory model involves determining the positive attributes over the negative ones from the brand. In my case, the institution was the brand, with its disadvantage as a school that is too far from my country. The fees were also expensive compared to other local universities. However, I based my decision on the positive feedbacks posted by the alumni and parents from the school. The fact that the school offered quality at a high price still made me go for it. I, therefore, eliminated the risks and expenses that came with the institution.

At first, I convinced myself that I would make the best out of the education I would acquire locally. But then I looked back at the positive changes brought about by the leaders from local institutions. Wuhan city had to be revolutionized, from the leadership to the political aspect of it. I believed I am the change that is needed, to transform the city to a better place. I had the option of selecting fairly ranked international schools, but I wanted the best for me and society. I, therefore, researched the top-rated universities and landed on the University of Illinois Springfield as the best solution for my problem, and my need of my community as a whole.

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