Essay on the Importance of Quality Measures: Using Clinical Performance as an Example

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Date:  2023-02-09

Write an explanation of the importance of quality measures using the clinical performance measure you identified as an example.

Quality measures is an indicator of the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of the healthcare services according to the determined set of standards. The measure determines the quality of healthcare processes, patient satisfaction, and medical outcomes to improve the quality of the healthcare system (Anhang Price et al., 2014). The focus of quality healthcare is based on offering prompt, effective and safe patient-centered care.

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Then, identify the performance measures used for Nurse practitioner productivity in Rhodes, Bechtle, and McNett (2015).

According to the nursing article by Rhodes, Bechtle, and McNett (2015), the performance measures used for the Nurse practitioners' productivity include the patient satisfaction scores, productivity standards as per the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) data together with the quality data from the national measures, and the professional scholarship incentives. The trio added that performance measures are done through the self-evaluation, peer, nursing supervisors and ancillary staff.

Finally, share your opinion on incentive payment for care, including external motivators and at least one business model.

An incentive plan is a way of appreciating the duties performed by the nurses and at the same time to motivate and encourages them to exert more effort on their work performance. This makes them to become more competitive in their duties as nurses. Consequently, incentives lead to an increase in the quality of healthcare, patient satisfaction, as well as job satisfaction. The incentive is given in the form of a reward bonus or even increased salary. On the other hand, a business model is important for the success of the business. External motivators like Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) are important to the nurses as it plays a role towards emphasizing on the quality of standards in the healthcare system. Therefore, the nurses and clinical physicians can work as a team to improve clinical performance, to get recognized by AHRQ and get incentives (Owens et al., 2010).


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Rhodes, C. A., Bechtle, M., & McNett, M., (2015). An Incentive Pay Plan for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses: 125 Impact on Provider and Organizational Outcomes. NURSING, 33(3), 124.

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