Attitude of Consumers Essay

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Date:  2022-04-15


Attitude refers to a settled way of thinking that someone adopts (Mothersbaugh, 2016, p.384, para.3). This is also common among consumers in their day to day business of purchasing. These attitudes do not come from just within them. There are external influences that help modify them even when they work on the consumers from within them. This is where a kind of marketing called 'influencer marketing' comes in. That is to say that certain organizations use people who have massive following or influence to market their products by signing them. These people, called influencers, are individuals whom the societies from which they come hold them in high esteem (Lantos, 2015, p.239, para.4). Some of them even command the respect of the whole world. It is these people that shape the attitudes of consumers towards certain commodities (Lake, 2009, p.99, para.4).

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Additionally, there are websites that help businesses determine the attitudes of their target market through research. These are virtual addresses of existing companies that offer consultation services. The essence of these websites is to make communication easy for possible clients and the companies regardless of the distance and time. They are like introductory messages, and also provide catalog of services that these firms offer for organizations that seek to understand their consumer behavior better.

Sample Consumer-Based Consultancy Websites

Survey Monkey, available at, is a company that offers solid research on consumer attitudes and behavior globally. They also offer advertising research which means that they can determine consumer responsiveness to certain kinds of advertising, by identifying the attitudes various societies have. The upside to choosing this firm is its prominent feature which is surveying. Just like a land surveyor, they will study the behaviors of your target market, drawing maps of the how and where to focus your advertisement on.

Strategic Intelligence Research Services, available at, offer consumer-based research. They study the very persons who make up the target market. This company is quite focused on the consumer as a person, thereby making the best source of vital for consumers, such as their attitudes and ultimately tastes and preferences. However, its services are only available in the United States. The upside to choosing this firm, as its name suggests, is that its data collection and analysis is targeted to a certain element or group of consumers. Therefore, businesses that seek their services get accurate and precise items of information.

Lastly, there is B2B International, available at This is more of an exchange program because it is a platform that helps businesses to exchange intelligence. In other words, they have information useful for cross-referencing. All the items of information at their disposal are about consumer behaviors. They gather data about a certain segment of consumers and analyze them for making informed decisions. Given that they operate globally, and also offer exchange programs for different organizations implies that they have a vast wealth of database that describes almost all kinds of markets demographically.


The knowledge about how consumers think is vital to the success of any organization. Therefore, it is necessary that companies invest in solid sociological research in market areas they intend to open their branches or launch new products. In that endeavor, they can hire consumer-based research consultant firms that provide in-depth information about the consumers.


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