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Organizations typically face very many problems. This may be between its employees, team or the organization as a whole. There are the main causes of these issues which include the lack of openness in the organization, communication issues and a wrong structure of the organization. First of all, the employees experience a lot of bullying in the workplace.

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In the organization, those who are in power tend to mistreat the people who are under them. This brings the issue of power and politics which is the source of the issue of bullying in an organization to the fore. Organizations need to take into consideration an effective approach that they should focus on to get the organization to better heights (Brown, & Starkey, 2012).

Workplace environment needs to be conducive for the workers and the managers should know how to reward their employees as well as treat their clients. Issues arise due to a misunderstanding between the individuals while the management can solve that adequately.

Another issue is staying engaged and motivated. When employees are always encouraged to work hard by being awarded, they feel more motivated to stay in the organization and also come up with new ideas that can help the organization to develop positively.

Truth is also very important in an organization; high performance is impossible when people are dishonest and not open to each other. With this in mind, managers are able to eliminate fear, encourage top employee performance and increase corporate competitiveness (MacDonald, 2018).

Mistrust and lack of motivation to employees have greatly affected many organizations as they feel that they are not that much valued and appreciated in the organizations so this is a great issue which should be checked with great consideration.

Another issue is difficult client cooperation. organizations seem to experience a lot of difficulties from the client. Clients are always customers to an organization and therefore even if they might act in an improper manner, the best thing to do is to handle them in a polite manner even if they are wrong.

One should remain calm when a customer starts yelling or being rude, it should be taken normal, don't take it personally, just listen to them, sympathize with them and find a solution to their problems even if they are of a great burden to the organization. Countering negativity in an organization is another great issue. An organization which encounters this among its employees is likely to experience slow growth rate, people need to have a positive mind and work together as a team and this comes only through recognition

Project management and organization is another crucial issue in the workplace. The poorly managed organization is most likely not to develop in a better way. Those who run the organization should be ones who are trusted and creative and have good leadership qualities. In addition, they should be people who know how to relate to other employees, this will greatly influence them to be more creative and hence enabling the organization to realize its objectives and thus growing positively.

Another issue is the incentives for the employees and rewards for their hard work. Efforts of the employees are the reasons why an organization will grow to better levels as they work to achieve the goals of the organization. Thus, they have opportunities to take responsibility for their actions and also apply the necessary skills. In the case where the company discontinues their rewards such as bonuses, employees become fed up and start to get hostile towards the work. In that case, they have no morale to work hard and the enthusiasm for work decreases.

Root causes from a human behavior perspective and analysis with supportive evidence:

The introduction of a plan by the business has its aim as to regain a certain value from the employees. A root cause of the demise of a plan is the failure of communication between individuals such that if they do not communicate the procedures in simple terms so that the employees can understand, the management does not work.

Human behavior arises from various issues within the organization. This may be due to organizational or human behavior or a combination of both of them. This may begin from the interaction within a given organization i.e, how employees relate with the employers. First of all, this may be due to lack of proper training within the institution.

Proper training enables the employees to have a positive attitude towards excellence, without this, employees will develop a negative attitude which will greatly affect their behavior within the organization. They might have been tired of poor orientation process and minimal training chances.

Secondly, the unfriendly working environment is another root cause of these kinds of behavior in an organization, the managers or owners are concerned with the quantity and the quality of the work done by the employees with considering the welfare of the workers. This result in an unfriendly relationship between the employers and the employees.

Absenteeism among the employer or either employee results to low productivity in an organization. It is hard for an employee to be productive when he or she has constant absenteeism which may be as a result of either financial constraints or even adverse weather condition. The employer may not consider the employees working conditions thus having an unfriendly relationship between them.

Another root cause of human behavior in an organization is antideath are comprises of feelings, believes and behavior. One important work-related attitude is job satisfaction, which refers to the general attitude that people have towards their job (MacDonald, 2018). There are main factors that contribute to job satisfaction and these include the pay where a good pay for work done creates satisfaction, the job itself, opportunities for promotion, and the relation between co-workers where positivity of these factors ensures that one feels comfortable about where they are.

Another factor that influences human behavior in an organization and workplace is values. Values refer to the beliefs that the organization takes up to follow and ensure that the employees stick to the same during service to the rest of the customers. The organization needs to stick to the set values that they desire and make decisions on which one they should prioritize. Employee ethics are the most used values because employees need to work according to these ethics.

They help to make sure that they are on the right moral track and monitor how they go about their duties (Newstrom, 2015). They need to apply all the ethical standards that are stated in the policies and make sure they are consistent in all situations. Employee ethics ensures good service to the customers, reduces cases of employee conflict and enhances productivity since they are all aware of their roles in the workplace.

Managers should be aware of the relevance of values and understand that their application is dependent on the situation, the type of job and the environment of the workplace. Values need to be the controlling factors of the organization because an organization that upholds the same is way better in performance compared to others hat let everyone do things their own way.

Impact of poorly aligned and administered human behavior theories and concepts

Poorly aligned Human behavior results in failed motivation among the employees and lowers the production levels. The case where the employees do not have the morale to do work at the organization results in instances of more employee turnover and they are likely to spend much to keep up with the present ways of competition in the organization. It is important to create an effective style for human behavior by prescribing rules that they need to follow all through.

Negative employees' behavior can be infectious such that they can affect other employees. It is important to ensure that an organization has firm decisions on how they should conduct their everyday activities and make sure that the employees with negative behavior adhere to the is the role of the managers to do all the decision-making for the organization and not only should the organization make decisions but also, they need to be rational. The effect of making poor decisions for the company is that the employees follow the wrong route that reduces their performance. Proper decisions ensure a reduction in the probability of fraud cases.

Training is important for employees and it is a crucial area that the managers need to take into concern. It is difficult for employees to adapt to a work environment. Employees find it comfortable to work in areas where they get well-trained and there is an improvement in skills and proficiency (Newstrom, 2015). Training needs to begin from the level of orientation and continue as long as the employees are in the organization.

The employer should provide a platform for the employees to grow their skills and abilities and advance to better performances in the organization. They should recognize that instances of poor administrations of training are likely to hamper the employees from learning new methods of production that are supposed to match the dynamic market condition. In the case where the organization has no room for training, it tends to create a direct negative impact on the business' competitiveness.

The culture that the organization upholds is also another factor relating to human behavior in organizations (Brown, & Starkey, 2012). A company needs to create a productive culture and ensure that the stakeholders work towards the objectives of the business. In the case where an organization decides to create a culture of teamwork, they are likely to grow to become better individuals in the organization and ensure higher profitability.

Teamwork ensures sharing of ideas that are likely to get the company to better levels and ensure that they attain their specified goals. Communication is also an effective way of creating an excellent culture in the organization. If the communication is poorly defined in the organization, it discourages the employees from communicating the helpful ideas to the management. The overall stake of an institution is through all the stakeholders and they need to ensure that they do their best to ensure that it remains competitive.


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