Competition for Apple in the Market - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-25


Though the company is making progress in the market, it is always faced with stiff competition. For example, Huawei and Samsung make the selling of iPhones to go down as they introduce cheaper cellphones that have the same features as the iPhone. Microsoft, Dell Lenovo, HP Sony, and Samsung are the significant competitors of Apple in the computer industry. Samsung may take overtake Apple company in the future if it continues with the current innovation of cheap and quality products.

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Unlike other companies, Apple is more advantageous due to its brand strength and innovation. According to statistics, Apple is ranked as the most valued brand in the world in the last eight years. Its value stood at $205.5 billion in 2019 (Johnson et al. 2012). The products from the company use the same operating system. The innovation helps the clients to have confidence in the products because they trust the one thing in common, which is the operating system.

The technological changes make the demand for apple products to increase. The new technology is creating a need for products with advanced features. For example, there is a high demand for waterproof phones and accessories, people favoring phones with good cameras, portable phones and computers, and so on. Apple Company has always led the race of introducing new features in the market. The company will progress as it strives to meet the above customer needs.

The company needs to address competition, technological, and pricing challenges. Hacking and cybercrimes that comes with the new technology need to be addressed. The company needs to create ways of securing its products from criminal activities. The introduction of affordable and quality products from other companies poses a challenge. The company should lower their prices because they are very high compared with products from other companies.


In Conclusion, Apple Inc. is a distinct company. Many people like to be associated with it because of its quality and classy products. The introduction of iTunes, iPod, and iPhone has made the company famous. Apple Inc. has more than 500 stores in more than28 countries. The company operates both in an oligopoly and monopoly structure, depending on the kind of products considered. The main competitors of apple Inc. are Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Huawei, among others.


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