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The coca cola drink was first made by an Atlanta pharmacist, John Pemberton in 1886 while he was working at his Pemberton Chemical Company. Later in 1889, Asa Griggs Candler brought in the formula and brand. Today Coca-Cola provides more than 200 countries in the world with over 500 brands and serves more than 1.6 billion services every day. Since 1889, the company has been operating a franchised distribution system with the company only producing syrup concentrate which it sells to different bottlers who serves an exclusive territory all over the world (Deal, 2018). This paper will try to explain how the coca cola company does its promotion in all the countries where it sells its brands and products.

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Coca-Cola company uses integrated marketing communication tools to be able to communicate with its target. This plan is adapted depending on the product positioning, the market, the potential as well as the society in which the company serves. The company is always willing and ready to be close to its customers, being a ritual kind attached to specific moments as well as being part of their everyday life. This has enabled the company to utilize social marketing in order to create affiliation and emotions with customers such as raising funds to help in social causes such as hurricane and earthquake. Coca-Cola company focuses on entertainment and fun too, a message that they always want to deliver its clients. To deliver the message, the company first adopts the message based on values such as the tradition of coke, sharing happiness, fun and many more values.

Integrated Marketing Communication tools include direct marketing, advertising, publicity, internet or interactive marketing, personal selling as well as sales promotions. Advertising is any form of non-personal communication concerning an idea, an organization, a service or a product which is paid for by an identified sponsor. To promote its products, coca cola company employs the concept of aggressive advertising making advertisements the most important form of communication for the company due to the fact that the company caters mass consumer markets. By the use of out of the home and electronic media advertising, coca cola company usually introduce different concepts as well as themes in order to sell their products. It uses names of big companies in different countries such as Pakistan music industry as well as the cricket industry to become the brand ambassadors of the company.

Coca Cola company uses new different slogans which are very attractive and very cheerful in various countries. Some of these slogans include 'Have a Coke and smile' and 'Open Happiness' and they continuously keep changing these slogans by creating new slogans. The company uses print media as a medium for advertising, they also use point of purchase and point of sale materials such as stickers as well as posters that they display in different areas such as stores. They include display racks, Vizio coolers also freezers. The Coca Cola company does consistent TV commercials on diverse channels which focus on both the rural as well as the urban areas based on the culture of the region it is operating through the adverts.

Coca Cola uses hoardings and billboards as a form of outdoor advertising, therefore, ensuring that they have set billboards all over the countries of their operations. They also paint buses, walls, stands, and many others with their brands as a form of advertising these products. In promoting Coca Cola company, holdings, banners, and billboards, as well as cut-outs, play a crucial role, this is because the logo of the company is usually made of an eye-catching and unique red color. It uses direct marketing by forming partnerships with hotels, restaurants, as well as movie theaters to take its products ensuring that whenever a customer orders a drink, all they could get is a Coca Cola brand hence forcing their products to customers. Through these restaurants, hotels, as well as other businesses, usually purchase the company's products over and over again as well as pushing out the competition.

Coca Cola sponsors numerous sporting and entertainment events throughout the world such as motor racing, coke studio, football, and cricket. By having a simple to navigate through the website, the company also utilizes the internet for its product promotion. The website is also used by customers in becoming interactive through a section within the website which allows them to come up with ways in which they can help improve their communities, through shopping, games as well as contests. To connect with the consumers, the company uses social networking such as Twitter, Facebook as well as YouTube which are common in the modern era of networking and communication (Austin, & Gaither, 2016). This internet marketing helps the company to reach those consumers who are always online and never finds time to watch television.

In order to increase its sales quickly, the company utilizes two ways of sales promotion which include trade-oriented sales promotion through discounts to stores and retailers, free tours or free goods, return allowances back and merchandising assets and the consumer-oriented sales promotion through under the crown scheme, getting shelves, as well as eye, catching position. The company ensures publicity by addressing new products, lawsuits, activities, stories, as well as rumors and their website, contains a section where the current, as well as future investors, are able to access up-to-the-minute stock information and the financial statements of the company. Coca Cola has hired many salespersons who help the company to build relationships, communicate, service as well as sell its products to customers across the globe.

The salespersons usually promote the Coca Cola brands to customers within their coverage region and once the customer is satisfied, they sell to them the products or brand and later services them more times every week forming a close relationship with them to enable a continuation of doing business with them always. The company has utilized all the components of the integrated marketing communication to enable it to remain on top and overcome the stiff competition in today's era. Most of the company's brands do not promote healthy food consumption and therefore I would recommend that the company should adopt new brands that encourage healthy feeding according to prescriptions of most doctors also adopt new promotion methods that will be easy effective and quickly adoptable by their consumers without affecting their view of the company. This may affect the management of the company as it will be forced to re-strategize its operations to meet the demands, needs while it maintains its position in the market. We can say that Coca Cola company efficiently and effectively utilizes the integrated marketing communication making it the leader in the market as well as the most valuable brands across the globe.


Austin, L. L., & Gaither, B. M. (2016). Examining public response to corporate social initiative types: A quantitative content analysis of Coca-Cola's social media. Social Marketing Quarterly, 22(4), 290-306.

Deal, J. (2018). Brand Communication in a Large Consumer Goods Company: A Case of The Coca-Cola Company.

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